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Why do people think it's weird?

Why do people think it's weird that I plan on breastfeeding until my LO is one? If I was formula feeding that wouldn't be weird. When they question me with their accusing "really?" I just say yes it's recommended for at least the first year. Either breastmilk or formula is their main source of food for the first year. But apparently it's strange to continue to feed my child to the recommended age. It's annoying.

Re: Why do people think it's weird?

  • I like your plan! I BF DD for 16m and DS 22m and counting. Must be the neighborhood you live in. Around here 1 year is normal. I feel a bit out of place approaching 2 years (except at LLL meetings).

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  • I've had people seem surprised when I say this too, like, oh wow you're not counting down the days to 6 months so you can stop?! I think a year is definitely doable and the best for the baby. It's obnoxious when people give their two cents about how you feed your child and breastfeeding, it's invasive! Do your thang, mama!!
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  • I have no idea. I'm hoping to continue nursing till two or three years old.
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  • Where I live it seems normal to be done by a year, so I was odd going 2.5 (I did not plan to go that long, but it really worked for us! I weaned because I found it too painful to nurse in pregnancy).

    One benefit for me was between 6 mo - 18 mo my son was really up and down about how much he would eat, but as long as I was nursing it didn't matter, because my milk would make up for it! Saved so much anxiety!

    I really owned it, when I went back to work when he was a year I was very open about nursing and (I don't think) anyone seemed to think it was too weird.

    Now that I'm pregnant again, if anyone were to ask my plans I would just say you never know! I'll be happy to make it 6 months :)

    Good luck!
  • Maybe because most mom's stop because of returning to work prior to age 1? So they assume that is what's the norm? I think BFing until age 1 is normal lol
  • I planned on BF until age 1, but I'm now 6 months in and I have had a couple bouts of mastitis, blocked ducts fairly regularly, and with working (even part time) I just don't like having to pump all the time. But if I was able to be home and do it, and if my body did not always react with an infection every couple months, I'd be right there with you. I think whatever works for you is the right thing to do, so I hope you can meet your goal!
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