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How I feel now that my medical bills started arriving....

Lucky to have insurance but they still are crazayyyyyyyyy!!! I'll just eat my feelings since I can't drink yet

P.s. anesthesiologists and their miracle drugs are insane with cost. I went into the wrong profession :((

Re: How I feel now that my medical bills started arriving....

  • Yup.. Got our itemized bill to submit to AFLAC. Pre-insurance it was a little over 18,000 for a vaginal delivery with no complications. I'm in MN.

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    I'm in MN.  40k.  40k dollars between me and my kid.  Vaginal delivery with a 10 hour NICU stay.  So happy they removed my "csection" and "morgue" from my bill.  

    ETA: paying 8700 after insurance with HSA money.  Woo...moving down to a lower tax bracket this year!
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  • 18k and 40k are crazy!! Ours was only 7k, 6850 of which was covered by insurance.
  • So far I've just gotten a bill from the pediatrician for like $250.

    @JNOVA2015 Your profile pic of your baby looks SO cute! I can't really see him(?) tho, cause they make the profile thumbnails so tiny! I was thinking he(?) looks a lot like my Rose, but I can't tell!
  • Relieved that it isn't nearly what DH and I thought. I met my deductible a while ago, so it helps. All in all its a little over $1k after insurance (I knost I'm going to get some serious hate here).
  • We got the doctors bill for delivery, which was $3695 before insurance. I haven't seen the rest of it but am nervous because we have a different insurance than we did with the last two and it generally doesn't cover as much. Of course I had a high risk pregnancy so the bills for bi-weekly NSTs and every other week scans have been rolling in since 30 weeks.


  • I hear you! We owe close to $6,000. The good thing is that we have reached our out of pocket maximum with all of these bills, but still...
  • I know your pain! My son was 5,800 and mine was 18,000 talk about ridiculous! They charge you for every little thing. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Woah, I had no idea you had to pay to have a baby in the USA...! EVERYTHING is free in NZ, including doctor visits up until kids leave school. I suppose we pay more taxes though?
  • I've paid a total of $5 so far. My insurance changed at the beginning of the year (for the better) and my first dr appt was early jan to diagnose my pregnancy. That was the $5 appt and everything else was covered 100%. I haven't received any of LO's bills but at most they're each $5 too. I did see on the bill that for my ONE stitch it cost around $2800 without insurance... WTF? That seems unreal.
  • Wow these prices are insane I'm so glad I live in the u.k seeing these fees
  • I've paid close to $7000.
  • My bill was $34,000 for csection,4 days stay and two epidurals, so far had to pay $200 for it, thank his insurance covered the rest.
  • Medicaid paid for everything except a circumcision. And that was 250 cash in the hospital. Thank goodness.
  • What's killing us are unexpected visits to specialist s. After she was born. Luckily her issues have a almost resolved themselves but the bills were high. I'm so amazed how expensive everything little thing is. We had an ultrasound that was $2,500 before insurance. Crazzyyyy!
  • My first was close to 50k with a 5 day stay and a 3 day NICU stay for kiddo. Had lots of interventions and an epi, but was a vaginal delivery. The NICU was most of the bill. We have an HSA insurance policy and met our max out of pocket $8,500, so that's all we paid.

    I don't have my bill yet for this one but it better be a heck of a lot cheaper. We were there just 24 hours and she came so fast I had zero time for any drugs. Guessing we won't hit our max out of pocket this time, but will probably hit the deductable for sure.

  • We are at 4k for me and 1k for our son out of pocket after insurance
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    I haven't even begun to look at my medical bills thoroughly. I'm in NC and have BCBS and I know my insurance covers a good bit but I'll still have to set my bills up on a payment plan. I feel like I'm so far in debt after having my daughter but I've never been happier. The hospitals and doctors will get their money, eventually (:
  • Yeah I'm looking at about 10k out of pocket total. Which we weren't prepared for. It should have only been about 5k, but then all my pregnancy complications happened :(

    Yay for savings accounts I guess.
  • It's been 6 weeks and I still haven't received a bill yet. We met our deductible earlier this year though so insurance should cover 90%.
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    I'm looking at about $1900 out of pocket. Last pregnancy I had a $3000 max out of pocket so between the twins being preemies and my csection, I paid $9000. This will be way better.

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  • I saved an additional 30% on my medical bills AFTER insurance by calling the payment office.  I called and asked them if there was any discounted rate that I could qualify for the large bills I had received.  They said I could do a discounted settlement payment if I was able to pay 100% of the bills. They took 30% off each bill, one was around $550 and the other around $1500, and I saved $600.  Call the payment office, a phone number should be on the bill, it couldn't hurt to ask for a discount.  Tell them you just had a baby and those little buggers are expensive!
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  • My insurance isn't covering the 2 frenotomys my LO needed to resolve his tongue tie. :( Ridiculous. He couldn't actually eat because his tongue wouldn't come out of his mouth. How is that not medical necessity??
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  • I haven't received my bills yet, but I am nervous. My insurance starts over on July 1st, so after meeting my deductible early on in my pregnancy, I had to meet it again. I know the hospital will let me do a payment plan, but it's still going to suck
  • My hospital bill was $44k +, dr bill just under $4k, lo hospital bill was just under $10k, 4 day csection/ complications. Luckly hospital stay is 100% covered, and for the rest my oop max is $1, 000 otherwise I'd really be in trouble.

  • I was in the hospital nearly 3 weeks. Baby boy was in the NICU for 1 week. Total out of pocket? $500. Thanks Obama!
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  • I had a vaginal vacuum-assisted delivery with no meds, a few stitches, and an extra night's stay. Billed $17k but THANK GOD $14k was discounted and my two insurances covered the rest 100%.
    LO had to go back to the hospital a few days later to undergo phototherapy. We were there around 30ish hours. The bill for that was just under $7k, and insurance covered all but $300 of it.
    DH and I had used all of my salary until my lay-off date to save up for hospital bills. I'm feeling so good knowing that we have that cushion of money that can be used for something else. My car is in serious need of replacement... Maybe DH will consider spending it on that ;)

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  • I would say we made out fairly well. Hospital bills totaled to about $42K (both mine and DD's). We only paid about $2600.
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  • We owed $1300 for hospital stay, $333 for c section, and $4 for anesthesia. It wasn't neither as bad as i thought. I haven't received dd's bill yet though.
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  • My 2 weeks: $73,000, baby boy's 9 NICU days: $52,000, what we owe: $900! I was pleasantly surprised!
  • We tend to have to pay for lots on our own with our insurance. But so far our total has been $1600 out of pocket. We got 20% off for paying it all at once. (Very glad our hospital's financial gal stopped by and told us that!!) they just "wrote it off" and that's all we should pay for the rest of this year. I believe our initial bill before insurance and discount was around $7,000 for 2 days in the hospital and an uncomplicated L & D with an epidural. I can't imagine the $6-10k+ out of pocket. I'm so sorry ladies! Hope you find a way to make it work out!
  • Thankfully Im insured by the hospital I work in. All prenatal visits, ultrasounds, l&d, and postpartum plus baby covered at 100%. I'm in the US
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    Those bills seriously add up fast! I elected for an HSA this year vs. a PPO due to my pregnancy. I'm still waiting on final bills to validate everything but my out of pocket Max is 7k. So that will be met this year.
  • I'll owe $250, haven't seen my bill yet but we have an HMO. $250 copay for birth, children are covered as long as you add them to insurance within 30 days of birth
  • I'm on Medicaid and paid nothing. Don't hate me! Although I have no idea what my bill would have been, I was told since I've got Medicaid I wouldn't get one. I'm still curious though.
  • abmommy15 said:

    Woah, I had no idea you had to pay to have a baby in the USA...! EVERYTHING is free in NZ, including doctor visits up until kids leave school. I suppose we pay more taxes though?

    I'd rather pay more taxes!
    There are pros and cons. I'm in Canada so we have universal health care and never see a bill but we also can wait a year for an MRI or a fairly simple surgery that Americans would have done in a matter of weeks. We also tend to have wait times exceeding 12 hours for ER visits. Part of the issue is the health care system but a big issue is that when there are no implications people will go to the ER for everything. I once sat in the waiting room next to a woman who went to the ER because she stubbed her toe.
    People go for everything here too. While I was in labor I had to wait for a guy with a headache to get Tylenol before they could get my information to get me back.. But then again I live in Valdosta Ga. Haha
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