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MN for Keaton

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We have had trouble narrowing down a boys name which is why we have 3 options. Boy names are so hard for us, I am 18 weeks and we find out on Sept 29th the sex of the baby (if he/she cooperates)! Finally! I understand many won't like Keaton but we still want to keep it on our list. I have some options for middle names but want opinions on what flows best or even other suggestions if any, sound better. Other 2 boys names on our list are: Liam Alexander (we love but super popular) and Caleb James (one of DH's fave; and Keaton over Caleb for me)

MN for Keaton 52 votes

Keaton Xavier Tuttle
21% 11 votes
Keaton Levi Tuttle
26% 14 votes
Keaton Joshua Tuttle
15% 8 votes
Keaton Zachary Tuttle
36% 19 votes
Brainstorm other mn's for Keaton
0% 0 votes
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Re: MN for Keaton

  • Might I also suggest Keegan?  I feel it pairs better with Liam and Caleb and has a similar vibe as Keaton but a little more history.

    I don't think any of these flow perfectly.  I think Joseph, Patrick, Edward or THomas would flow a bit better.

  • I just finished reading the newest additions to the "judgment free" post, and Keaton doesn't bother me anymore.

    I do agree a more classic name would pair better with it, but I did like Zachary.
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  • I really like Zachary!!
  • Love Xavier 
    I wont vote for anything though as keaton is not good

  • I'd like to vote for Caleb James by a mile!
  • Also, all I can think of is Michael Keaton
  • AlyLynn07 said:
    Also, all I can think of is Michael Keaton

    One inspiration of adding the name to our list. We love Michael Keaton but that's not the reason we picked the name. We think of it too. DH's fave is Caleb, for me I'm not a 100% sold. I don't know there is something about the name that I don't like, it's not a bad name by any means just not my favorite. Maybe if we are having a boy it will sound different. 
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  • ^^^ sometimes it takes awhile for names to grow on you.. or you may end up hating it! I am a firm believer in bringing a few names to the hospital and seeing which fits best once you meet your little one. Good luck!
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