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    I want to say that it's rude to dictate what people bring as a gift.  A friend invited me to her shower where all her registry items were expensive and HAD to be ordered online (they were only available that way). On top of that, she only had about 30 items and 50% cost more than $50.   I'm on a super tight budget (like $25) and I can't seem to find anything in my price range and ordering online means I need to pay shipping (which ups the cost).  I was going to get her a few outfits for the baby, and maybe a little baby blanket.  EVERYTHING is pretty much gender specific when it comes to clothing.  It was hard to find neutral stuff and I ended up just getting her a gift card.    

    I agree with others.  Set up a registry, put more stuff on their than guests attending, and be considerate of all price points.  Give people lots of choices and be specific about those choices (stuff you really want)  When I got married, I had a huge registry with about 150 items, but only like 50 shower guests.  I wanted to give people lots of options.  I had prices all the way from $5-$300.  I didn't get everything, which was fine, but people had options. 

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