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Is this a boy or girl name?

I'm thinking of Leighton or Layton for a boy. But I seem to be hearing that it's more commonly used for a girl. Do you know anyone with this name, and what gender are they? Or do you think this refers to?
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Re: Is this a boy or girl name?

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    I think boy. I know one, he is about 40.

    ETA - I just checked behind the name. It says it is a masculine surname. But it is about twice as common for girls right now, ranked in the 800s for boys and 500s for girls.
  • I've sen Leighton a couple times and they were girls. I've never seen Layton.

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  • Leighton, boy name. Popular with girls lately but don't let that stop you. I'm guessing it's because of Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl.
  • I have seen Leighton for a girl and Layton. For a boy. Layton Hewitt was a pro tennis player.

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  • I only know female Leightons here in Florida. We had a popular governor named Lawton Chiles, and I know a few boys named Lawton/Law as a more masculine alternative.

  • Leighton is a girl. I understand the appeal at first, but it's really not a good name choice when you put it into practice.
  • It isnt a name for a boy or girl it was a surname now used unfortunately by both.

  • It's very feminine to me, especially when spelled Leighton.
  • Neither! It's really not a great name. But if I had to choose, boy, I guess. 

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  • I would think girl but only because of Leighton Meester. Reading it I would guess Layton to be a boy, but I'm not really a fan either way. What about Payton or Mason? Or Levi for an L option?
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  • Reminds me of Plankton. From SpongeBob.

    I might be pronouncing it wrong.. But either way: no bueno.
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  • The tennis player is Lleyton. I've never seen Layton before. I suppose Leighton screams boy but it's not the best (and I like surname-y names in general)
  • I would assume girl. It's not really a feminine name but I've never known any male Leighton/Laytons and I've met a couple females with that name.
  • I totally think girl, I've met 3 in total, all girls. One is in her 30's the other two were under 5 years old. I LOVE this name for a girl, but DH doesn't. I had looked it up on baby name wizard and it's in the top few hundred for girls. Not sure if it is on the boy's list. It's been trending in New England for a girl's name, so if you live in this area chances are you'll run in to a few girls with this name.
  • I think it sounds like a boy name, but it doesn't surprise me that it's been co-opted for the girls
  • I always think of it as a boys name, because I've known two men named Leighton/Layton. I know it's grown more popular with girls though. I can't figure out why.
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  • I went to high school with a male Layton. That's the only one I know irl. If I heard your child had that name, I don't think I'd assume either gender (since Leighton Meester's popularity).
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  • I know a Layton, boy, and he's 6.
  • I know a baby girl Leighton. But either way, I think the name is awful.
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