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Anyone else hate every piece of clothing they own!?


Re: Anyone else hate every piece of clothing they own!?

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  • I have at least 40 ibs to lose
  • klkonwi said:

    Is anyone else just giving up on losing more weight? I'm below prepreg weight by 2 lb but I look worse. I also am realistic that with all this time off I haven't made time to work out..... Will I really make time when I'm back at work !?
    Just a depressing thought.....

    I am also about 4 lbs below my prepreg weight but am about 15-20 above where I would like to be. I am focusing on getting more fit right now... And once I get fitness integrated back into my routine, then I plan to really focus on food. I am much better about my eating when I am working so I will hone in on that next month. That's my plan anyway...
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  • I've got about 13 lbs to lose. I really hate my belly. It's so...mushy. No pants or skirts fit right. I always feel self conscious and freak out before we have to be anywhere. I was a size 2/4 before pregnancy, now I'm overflowing in a 10. Breastfeeding just makes me hungry and eat everything in sight. I lost 45 lbs last year on Weight Watchers, so I'm going to join again. I saw there's a pretty good deal right now for the online only version. $29 for 3 months. :-S
  • What are y'all finding that looks okay on the mom pouch? I've been calling it my sail because it seems to want to wave in the wind in everything I try to wear.
  • I was at my pp weight a few weeks after having my baby. I'm now 10 weeks pp and my jeans won't fit! I don't know why if I weigh the same I did before I got preg! It's like my hips freakn expanded! & I absolutely hate shopping! I hate the feeling of not looking the way I thought I would in something! Lol
  • i realized that the only reason all my regular clothes still fit is because they never properly fit in the first place. ive always been a baggy T kinda girl. i definitely have the tummy pooch though. and its covered in stretch marks. i need to just get a new wardrobe as a whole. at this point im going through my dresser/closet and throwing out/donating the stuff i know i wont wear. but im gonna keep the stuff i really want to fit into eventually.

    and the clothes i donate can go to the 2 towns surrounding mine that just had huge fires destroy some houses in.
  • I went through and donated a bag. All I live in are vneck cotton tees
  • ^^too funny (non bra) ha-larious.
  • @ChardeeMacDennis you are a rockstar! I felt good because I managed to put on some real shorts with my nursing top. You have me beat!
  • About 3 weeks pp I went to Old Navy and bought 7 shirts for $50. It feels so much better to wear shirts that aren't too tight! My body shape has significantly changed, despite having lost a lot of weight (though definitely not all). My boobs are way bigger and I suspect my ribcage is as well. Like someone else mentioned, I also got several dresses during pregnancy and they don't necessarily look like maternity and would be cute now, but I can't nurse in them! Such a bummer. Haven't even attempted jeans yet, not looking forward to that. Been living in knit maxi skirts and shorts with an elastic waist.
  • jessieR358jessieR358
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    Has anyone found a great supportive sports bra? Ive looked in 3 different stores now. None of my old ones are cutting it with my new DD chest. fun times looking when I started leaking breastmilk in the fitting room!!

    Oh I have found a couple great dresses to nurse in at the gap and j crew. They all button down the front! @joyfuljenny
  • @jesshrou That's a great tip, thanks!! I looked at H&M for a dress that buttoned in the front and couldn't find anything. Will have to check out Gap and J.Crew! I just wish I still lived near a Tanger Outlet mall, when I lived in Branson the Gap and J.Crew outlets were awesome. We're supposed to be getting Tanger Outlets here in Memphis (actually, Southaven) sometime in the future, but I don't know when.
  • Instead of buying clothes for myself I buy clothes for LO...At least I know she'll look cute in them.

    5 more weeks until I go back to work and wear scrubs and yoga pants nonstop so I guess I should stop worrying and just grin and bear looking like crap for a bit longer.
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  • @jesshrou Try Moving Comfort Juno. They're not cheap but they do stop the bounce and are meant for larger sizes. Hopefully you have some place close you can try one on.
  • Sammy K said:

    @jesshrou Try Moving Comfort Juno. They're not cheap but they do stop the bounce and are meant for larger sizes. Hopefully you have some place close you can try one on.

    Thanks! I did see these online.

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