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  • I like Reese but hubby wants Jace because he wants to stick with J names. And the middle name is Boyd because his middle name and his first sons middle name is Boyd. So we will have a Jason a Justin and a Jace Boyd. (Or Reese. Hehe. )
  • I think if we have a boy it'll be Lincoln Alan. I really like Julien too but Lincoln is the only boy name we agree on. We find out on Friday and DH refuses to talk anymore about names until then.

    When I was in elementary school there was a boy named "Lincoln Allan" and he was not only so "hot" but so funny and charismatic. Great name choice!!!

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  • We aren't finding out but if it's a boy were thinking Carter.
  • Jaxton cole
  • My little man is going to be named Eli Keith Cordell
  • We have chosen Elliot Gordon - middle name after husbands grandparent xxx
  • My lil man will be Jayden Thomas.
  • Our sweet boy is Hudson Neal! EDD 12/2! Getting closer and closer!!
  • Louis Michael is our favorite right now. Louis for my dad who passed away a year and a half ago. Michael for my bf! Apparently that's a tradition in his family, whatever.

  • Harvey is so cute!
  • Blake Alexander
  • We are trying to decide between Ezra, Isaac, Ezekiel, and Elliott. We both love all of them! It's so hard to make a decision...
  • Jack! Is it too goofy to have the middle name, Frost? Lol. I said it to my husband as a joke and he fell in love with it. We love the snow, and everything about the name fits. Edd is December 30
  • We named our first child Lucius. If we ever are blessed with another boy, he will be Cornelius, but we are having twin girls this time around.
  • Noah Elliott
  • We have only come up with one name we both like...Dominick
  • Jaxson Liam!
  • We are having our first baby in December and we are naming him Anakin. Not off star wars but I am sure that is what everyone is going to think , my husband just likes the name.
  • I love Ayden Christopher but of course daddy wants him to be a junior, Jeffrey Philip Jr.
  • cmays0627 said:
    We are having our first baby in December and we are naming him Anakin. Not off star wars but I am sure that is what everyone is going to think , my husband just likes the name.
    Welcome to the Star Wars fandom. Our son with be Luke (Lucas). I love the name and my husband hopped on it since the movie comes out the day before my due date.
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  • Our first sons name is Trenton James. We find out Tuesday what we are having and I like Khaden Micheal
  • My twin boys are going to be named after grandfathers and great grandfathers. (Mine and dh dad and their dads) David Arthur and Richard Edwin. To say it lightly both our dad's are very happy with our name choices.
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  • Gannon Grey due December 28th ❤️
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    My DS name is Ryley Jayden. ..this one, if a boy will either be Kaiden or Camden
  • We found out yesterday we're having a boy and after all these weeks my husband finally comprised with me. Our little guy will be named Thomas Michael Anthony.
  • tias26tias26 member
    Picking a boys name has been way too hard for us! We had a girls name that we loved but since we are having a baby boy it took a while to agree on anything! Between the two of us every name we came up with individually the other really didn't like. So we took his favorite name - rogan- and my favorite name -Wyatt- and are going to name our little man Ryatt William! It's the only name we say and get excited about, anything else is so meh to us.
  • We finally decided on our baby boys first name - Ezra but still can't decide on a middle name. Either Ezra Cruz (DH family name) or Ezra Anthony (my father and brothers middle name)
  • SopkoSopko member
    Great names, you all are making it even that much harder to choose ;)
  • I have wanted to name my son Noah since my aunt Nora died when I was in high school. Of course the year I have a son it's one of the most popular names, THE most popular name according to one list that I saw. As much as I hate that idea of him being one of a million Noahs in his class, I won't let it stop me from using the name I love.
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  • I get odd looks when I tell our boys name jaxton cole is it weird? We like it but I'm really debating on changing it not that I should care what other people think but it is his name for the rest of his life
  • We only had girl names picked out - go figure we're having a boy, l0l!!!  We've talked about naming after husband and it would be a third, but not 100% sold on the idea.  The only full name I have picked out is Ryan Patrick...I've loved that name FOREVER and it would be kinda cool to use Patrick since we conceived on St. Patrick's Day!  He is so-so on Ryan.  We've also talked about Matthew or Elliott, but don't have middle names for those.
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  • For a boy it's we are probably gonna name him Connor. I'm not sure with middle names yet so i was thinking Christopher after the father. If we have a girl we are pretty set on naming her Evangeline Lily.
  • My baby BOY will be named Corin Elijah
  • Still undecided but Aaron Michael jr is one. His dad's name was Michael and he passed away but got to hear he was a grandpa before he passed. Or Michael Robert for his dad and mine.
  • Ours will be Coulter Bradley. Coulter is my husband's grandma's maiden name and Bradley is my husband's and my FIL's middle name.
  • Theodore Gideon (family name), due 12/22. We'll call him "Theo" for short.
  • His top pick is Malik (no mn yet) but we're still discussing. Mine would probably be Liam Kenneth
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