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DH felt the baby kick for the first time!! Anyone else get to feel your LO move??

Im thrilled my DH got to feel the baby move anyone else have this happen yet?

Re: DH felt the baby kick for the first time!! Anyone else get to feel your LO move??

  • Nope, not yet.  My DH was all excited because he felt some twitching as he cuddled me in the middle of the night, only to discover that it was my whole body twitching in a dream.  He was so disappointed and is super excited to feel baby.  Can't wait!
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    Yes! It's very amazing to see your SO get so excited and thrilled to feel the first kick or tap. He felt her for the first time at 16 weeks actually. :x
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  • We've been able to feel LO outside for a little under a week now. Only ever when I've been laying in one spot for longer than ten minutes though. LO is currently kicking away right behind my belly button now, which I can feel if I push my hand down hard enough.
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  • I've been having the butterflies for a couple weeks now and probably the last 2 to 1.5 weeks those turned into kicks. Last night was the first I got to feel it with my hand and today I just felt the baby kicking frequently and he was able to. It's still very faint so you do need some pressure but it's there! I'm 19wks 2days btw.
  • I've just started to feel flutters I'm 16.5 weeks
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  • I'm almost 19 weeks and still don't feel anything. I though I did. Then decided I didn't because I haven't since then.
  • I have felt sporadic spasms that feel different from gas... like a muscle twitch. Pretty sure it's babe. Definitely in the right area (around where I can find the HB with doppler). I'm 18+5... I don't think it feels like a kick yet, bf hasn't tried yet!

  • 20 weeks and definitely feeling thumps on the outside every now and then.
  • I'm 18w1d with my third... I can definitely feel my lo but not on the outside.
  • I've been feeling my baby move since 15 weeks but at 18 weeks and 5 days which I am now I'm feeling way harder kicks , baby rolling , and where baby is positioned .
  • I've been able to feel baby move since about 16 weeks and DH felt baby at 19 weeks. I'm almost 21 weeks now and baby is moving like crazy. If I lay my phone on my stomach, you can see it shake when he moves. It's the craziest thing! But like previous posters said, all pregnancies are different.
  • My husband just had his hand on my belly and he was like oh I feel something. I had to tell him it was just indigestion.

    I'm over 20 weeks though and been feeling her from the outside for about a week now(2nd baby). Hubby got to feel one tiny kick a few days ago but I woke him up for it and don't think he remembers.
  • I'm 17weeks and can feel baby every now & then - maybe once or twice a day. Husband hasn't tried to feel anything on the outside yet because it's so sporadic, I'd never guess when to tell him when to put his hand there.
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    I've been feeling flutters since around 14.5 weeks and have been able to feel a few taps from the outside (so has DH) this week (17+ weeks). I know it's unusual but it's one of the very few perks of having a septate uterus and the baby only having half the room to move. I don't think under normal circumstances I'd be feeling as much as I am but I'm certainly enjoying it. (And doctor has confirmed its definitely baby, so science agrees with this one :P )
  • DH just felt DD for the first time yesterday at 20 weeks. I've been feeling the baby since 14 weeks, but this last week she has been getting stronger and you can finally see her little kicks and punches move my stomach. I have an anterior placenta, so i was thinking it would be a lot later than i did with DS, but it's right around the same time DH felt him for the first time too.
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    Im 19 weeks today and I felt my first real kick yesterday :) it actually kinda hurt but made me smile! Iv felt little flutters since about 12 weeks and the flutters got stronger and more recognizable at 15 weeks. My baby girl flipped for the first time two days ago after I sat up XD She moves alot when im laying on my left side. 
  • Just today i felt a kick from the outside im 20 weeks today. Guess baby kicked the right spot at the right time.. aw its so cute
  • I'm week 19 now and feel kicks and movements every day now, growing stronger all the time and have been noticing them since week 17. My midwife says that's not unusual and that it indicates that my placenta is placed in the back of my uterus. So I don't really think you can determine that women aren't feeling kicks at weeks 15 because of "science", just because you didn't feel any at the time. We're not all the same and you might have the placenta placed differently. When you feel the kicks you're not in doubt, unless you've had gas "kicking" your belly skin and muscles :)
  • My SO just felt him for the first time yesterday! It was the softest kick ever. I'm 20w today
  • Haven't felt anything at almost 21 weeks. But ultra sound show babe is super active and my placenta is not anterior
  • I started feeling very light occasional flutters only when I laid down and not every day around 16 weeks. Around 17.5-18 weeks DH laid his hand on my tummy and we both felt a distinct but very light tap. It really felt like baby but he hasn't been able to feel anything since so who knows what that was. I'll just pretend it was baby :) lol
    I'm 19 weeks now and feeling the light thumps and rolling throughout the day when sitting or laying that are much stronger than before. Can't wait to feel it from the outside and for DH to feel a real kick.
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