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Beware Zofran

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I always see posts about Zofran but I've always read articles, seen ads, and commercials stating its bad for baby. I don't take it but I know a lot of you do and I hope you know your risks of taking it. Here's an article.

Re: Beware Zofran

  • Considering its the only commercial people see when watching cable, I'm certain they know their risks. I also imagine that if they still take it they aren't believers in what it has to say. Throwing more articles down the throats of people who simply have their own view isn't going to make them change their mind. I assume they simply won't read it. You don't take the risk, that's great, but not everyone is you.
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  • @Love4littlethings24 good for you honey (: =D>
  • @katymae08 okay well you never know if people have no idea and don't want to take the risk, so maybe someone might change their mind. :)>-
  • @Paige6410 not everyone searches and some people just lurk at today's posts, doesn't concern you so move along.
  • @vvitchhazel again, I haven't seen any posts about Zofran that post articles and whatnot so ...
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  • So the problem now is my face? That's cute.
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  • =D>

    Two years, two losses and three IUIs...

    We are having TRIPLETS!

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  • Yes the only reason there is a lawsuit is not because they have proven Zofran causes birth defects but because they can't prove it doesn't. Because crazily the majority of pregnant women don't want their fetus tested.

    Unfortunately these kinds of posts scare women who need to take Zofran to function, keep hydrated, etc.
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  • Most medication you take during pregnancy has some risk associated with it. Doctors perscribe it because the benefits outweigh the risks. If you are so sick you are dehydrated then yes you should try zofran because you can do more damage to you and your baby by being dehydrated.

    An article from national injury hotline is designed to scare people and is not a credible source.
  • Omg this is the worst article !!! Greedy money hungry lawyers! How dare they use that picture of the baby. I'm sorry but this is just wrong. Why would someone post this ?
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  • Im sorry but calling me honey? Your iq to me just went down a few points. You're clogging the feed with uselessness.
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    i hate it when i miss the good comments.

    Edit: because i finally figured out how to gif 
  • babybluu said:

    i hate it when i miss the good comments.

    I'm guessing she posted a picture of some kind of baby ? I'm scared to know. Op you'll need a foil hat to avoid the aliens. Also chemtrails are out today everywhere!! Gasp! You seem like that type.
  • I think the baby was in the article
  • Haha no the zofran link has the baby pic. She said something like "I can tell from your face you're a b****. So that's what got removed.
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  • Haha no the zofran link has the baby pic. She said something like "I can tell from your face you're a b****. So that's what got removed.

    Someone needs to cool down lol seriously? Over the interwebs? Jesus help her.
  • dangggggg. i need to be on TB more instead of eating my delicious homemade chicken tortilla soup if i wanna catch this. also i take zofran....
  • Ahahaha, RBF keeps you pretty!!! Using that from now on!
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  • I took zofran for three of my pregnancies and anti depressants. My boys are all perfectly fine. It's a choice for sure but when you're suffering sometimes it's the only thing that works. So be it.
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  • What, are we in junior high again? "The b word"??

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