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Progenity test for gender- did you have it done?

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I am having the Progenity Verifi test done in 2 weeks to test for chromosomal abnormalities and the doctor said it will also tell us the gender of both babies.  She did also say this was their first set of twins they would be testing with Progenity in the office.

A brief Google search indicates that the test looks for the Y chromosome in which case it could conclusively say there are two girls, otherwise we would only know there may be one or two boys.  

I am hoping some of you had this test done and can provide me with your experience so I know if it can accurately predict twin genders.

Thank you!

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Re: Progenity test for gender- did you have it done?

  • I had a similar test done, Materniti21. I had the test because I was close to 35 and wanted to rule out chromosomal abnormalities, not to find out the sexes. But yes, the test can identify Y chromosome. We were told there was "at least one boy." They couldn't definitively say there were 2 until the AS.
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  • Since at best we would only find out if there were two girls we decided to not find out the gender results at all until the anatomy scan. We did still have genetic testing done, however.

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  • rue:Drue:D member
    No, my OB's office did not even offer it to me.
  • I wasn't offered it either. I did find out genders at my 16 week scan.
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    We had the MaterniT21 test done to check for chromosomal abnormalities, as others have mentioned a side benefit is finding out the gender- but with twins all they can tell you is IF there is a Y chromosome or not- you will still need to have an ultrasound to determine if it's two boys or boy/girl if they tell you there is a Y chromosome. The test can be very expensive (like $1400+) and we had to fight with our insurance to cover it and still have to pay some, so you should not do it just to find out genders.
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