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Daily symptoms for June 1st!!!! OMG it's June!

Can you believe it ladies?! It's actually June. The count down is on (not that it hasn't been, but something about it being our birth month makes it seems all so real!)! How are you feeling today?
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Re: Daily symptoms for June 1st!!!! OMG it's June!

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  • @klkonwi Thank you for backing me up! :)
  • June 5th...please June 5th. I cannot take any more! I actually thought last night was the night...nope :-(
  • Pregsomnia, frequent urination, contractions, and dry heaving (which is worse to me, I'd rather vomit) I've got 1 week, 5 days to go. Ready to get this show on the road.
  • Ready to not be Pregnant, I've had to have labor stopped twice and now that the dr has giving me the green light saying he won't stop labor baby girl is staying put.

    I'm irritable and sore, with a new constant pressure on my spine that I don't remember having with my son.
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