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2nd Trimester

Dealing with family after birth

My mother and in laws want to come down to visit us and the new baby after birth. We live 15 hours away from our home town. My concern is not wanting all 3-4 people in our one spare room house. My plan was to have the first week with baby just us two. Then have my mother here for a week and then the in-laws. My husband however says it's not fair and they should be here waiting for us after the hospital. This is our first child and to me it just seems too much all at once. Has anyone had a baby away from their home town and how did you schedule visitors? We're not due till the end of November.

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  • Thank you everyone for the suggestions! Telling them to get a hotel would make things a lot easier hopefully they will understand. I know it's a long drive to where were stationed but it would be best. Thank goodness I have some time on my hands to think and talk to my husband more about it.
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