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Hi Moms,

My son was born in July 2013 - he started walking at 11 months and since then he has had bandy legs, we have gone to the Paed, had X rays, blood tests etc. to rule out rickets. that was when he was 18 months. he said we must bring him back when he is two. but im still so worried about him. some days i look at him and they look like they getting better - then the next day i look and they look the same.

if they dont correct themselves he has to have a operation when he is 5 to break both his legs - and i know that there are far worse situations we could be in right now - but my heart breaks just thinking of my poor boy in pain. over and above that older kids arent always that nice - luckily he cant understand their comments yet and his older brother always sticks up for him.

have any of you guys experienced similar or know of someone in similar situation? i dont think i can wait another 2 months until his next appointment - thinking of getting a second opinion next week.

what would you mommies do?

thanks in advance

Re: Bandy/Bowlegs

  • No experience with this but just wanted to say a lot can happen in three years so maybe it will correct itself, and even if it doesn't at 5 he may not even be in Kindergarten yet so he will have time to heal before he is in a situation that puts him around a lot of other kids. Try not to worry, even though I know thats so hard to do. Kids are amazingly resilient!!!!! 
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  • i know i really shouldnt worry! so hard. thanks for the advice
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