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Weight gain during pregnacy

How much is a normal weight gain during pregnacy.?. I'm 4"11 and i have gained 35 pounds already I'm 37 weeks pregnant! My doctor said at my height I should gain 15 to 20! Has anyone else gained a lot?

Re: Weight gain during pregnacy

  • I'm 5'9 and have gained 20# so far at 35 weeks. A 'normal' weight gain is different for everyone but every doctor has a suggested weight gain.
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  • I'm 38 weeks and have gained 38 lbs so far (I'm 5'9). The doctor anticipated that I would gain roughly 35-40. 

  • I started plus sized. I lost 20lbs in my first trimester from severe MS. I have since gained that back. Agree with PP that it's dependent on each person so let your doc tell you if its a problem
  • I've gained about 40 and I'm 34 w 5 days.
  • I've gained 33lbs at 36 weeks. My last pregnancy I gained 35lbs. I'm 5'7"
    My midwife is happy with my weight gain

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  • I've gained about 38lbs at 37weeks. Im 5'3 and had a normal bmi to begin with. None of my drs have said anything. I'm fully anticipating on gaining a little over 40lbs before my csection at 39weeks. I also am retaining a lot of water and swelling pretty bad, so I attribute some to that. I gained about the same with my dd.
  • I'm a slightly thick girl and my doctor wanted me to try to stay around 30. I will be 36 weeks on monday and have gained 30. With my first pregnancy I gained 45. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. As long as you are making somewhat wise eating choices you shouldn't stress. Everyone is different. I understand your feelings of fear as we often put pressure on ourselves and having the doctor on your back doesn't help
  • I've gained 38 :( and 2 lbs just since yesterday. I'm eating well, and keeping as active as possible at 37 weeks so I'm attributing the last 5 lbs to my swollen legs and cankles.
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  • My first two pregnancies I gained about 40lbs. With this one old what she is doing in there, I have gained only 4lbs! She is weighing in around 5 1/2 lbs and water retention is normal. My face, arms, and legs have thinned a lot but I definitely feel bigger! I am 5'1" and started out at 185
  • I'm 5'9 and at 37 weeks I've gained 15. My doctor says I'm fine and she sees a wide range of 15-40 pounds. Just depends on the person.
  • I'm 5'6" and 37 weeks I've gained 22 pounds so far! Totally depends on the person, as long as you're eating as healthy as possible I don't think there's much reason too be concerned. You're body is gonna do whatever it has to do to give you a perfect little baby.(:
  • I'm 5'2 and had a normal bmi to start with. I'm 34 weeks and have gained almost 40lbs. My doc told me he would only like me to have gained 15-25lbs. With my first I gained 53lbs.
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  • I'm ashamed that I've gained 50 pounds and I'm 36 weeks and 5'2". My doctor has not mentioned anything about my weight...but she also never weighs me!!!

    I've heard the average is 25-35 lbs but it really depends on what your starting weight and BMI was.

    Im right with you on that one, Im 37 wks, 5'1 and have gained 50-_- i hate it but my dr always insists that my weight gain has been 'healthy' and 'right on schedule' despite how exessive it feels! Good thing is, at this point weight gain has come to a hault these passed 2wks
  • 30lbs at 35wks!! I'm happy I gained 55 last time but held onto a lot of fluid last time. I'm not worried Bc I know baby is healthy and happy!!!
  • 28 pounds gained at 35 weeks. I'm 5'3" and was a normal bmi so it was recommended I gain 25-35.
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    I'm 5'0" and was 116lbs prior to pregnancy. I'm almost 35w and have gained 12lbs so far. Dr hasn't said anything so I'm assuming that's ok or on track with what she expected in terms of weight gain for me.
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  • I'm 160 cm which is about 5.2-5.3"? I gained 19 kilos at 38 weeks! That's about 40 lbs? Oh well i stopped caring 4 months ago lol
  • I know how you feel @mchipman88 !! I will probably be right at 50 when I go to the doctor this week. I've stopped weighing myself at home. 3 weeks left for me too.
  • i am 35 weeks 4 day and at my last appointment i had gained 30 lbs. my doc only wanted me to gain 25-30 lbs altogether. im hoping that my weight gain will start slowing down, but the last few days i have been so hungry. i have been trying not to stress about it, but i know the less i gain now the less i will have to lose after... also hoping some of it is water weight.. im sooooo swollen everywhere!!
  • I ignore how much weight I've gained, with my first I actually refused to see a specific midwife at my practice because she told me I had gained too much weight, I had only gained 25 lbs and I'm 5.6".  I ended up losing all my baby weight and then some within 3 months, so with this one I've told them that I don't want to know my weight.  I'm going to eat healthy, and once the baby comes I'll work out and continue to eat healthy and I have no doubt that I'll lose the weight again.  
  • I'm surprised that your doctor said to gain 15-20 pounds because of your height. I thought it had more to do with being under weight, normal or overweight when you started.

    My dr wants me to gain 25lbs, I'm of average height and normal BMI.

  • I have lost 17 pounds (was down 27) but I am overweight. I think everyone is different and as long as you are trying to eat healthy I wouldn't worry.
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  • I started out at 120lbs and 5'4". I'm now 147lbs at 34 weeks. I'll be right on track to gain about 35lbs by 40 weeks.

    In my head I have such a great plan to eat right and keep exercising but all I want to do is eat Little Debbie cakes and watch tv. lol Seems like baby girl has her heart set on the alternate lazy plan because every time I go to work out she puts up a fight and my ankles swell up and my toes turn to sausages. Ew.

    I gained in excess of 50 lbs with my DS 6 years ago so anything shy of 40 lbs gained at term is going to be a complete success in my book!
  • I'm 4'11" and have gained 30lbs. My doctor has no concern as the baby is healthy and big!
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    I am 5'7 and I started at 140lbs. I have gained 32 lbs as of my 36 week appointment. I am only supposed to gain 25-35 so hopefully I don't pack on too many pounds in these last weeks! My doctor has been hard on me about the weight gain. Most recently she said you will have some weight to lose after the baby comes. I know it's important to watch my weight but I am always hungry and tired. Not a good combination!
  • I have gained approximately 64lbs. You guys are making me feel like a cow! Lol I started at 142 and am currently around 206. This is by far the most weight I've gained with any pregnancy. I'll be 38 weeks Wednesday and I have a cesarean scheduled for the 30th. I gained around 28lbs. with my first son, 8lbs. with my second son. I was overweight to start with in both pregnancies. Especially the second. I had lost 86 pounds over the last year and a half, and everyone has said I needed to gain some back because I looked really thin. Lol Mission accomplished. Luckily, my doctors have said nothing about it. BP , blood sugar, etc have all been great. Baby is healthy and expected to be 8lbs+ by the end of week 39. I'll just be relieved to get my body back and hopefully by breastfeeding I will lose the majority of it. I'm not concerned really.Just ready to meet my baby boy :)
  • 37 weeks and at a 23lb weight gain. Pretty proud of myself! Although I do indulge quite a lot
  • I'm 5'7 and started out at a normal BMI. After still taking spin class and working out 4-5 days a week pretty much since the second trimester started, I've gained 20lbs all together. My diet has been the same since before I got pregnant except for the booze! I'm 37 weeks and 4 days. I haven't really started holding on to too much water weight though. I've been obsessing over ice chips and cold water so I've been drinking a ton.. I'm sure it helps
  • After slightly binge eating for a few birthdays this weekend I'm up 25lbs. I'm 36weeks and 5'7. Eating healthy during the week usually knocks off my weekend bad decisions. I've been hanging around 22lbs since March.
  • I've gained 12 lbs and am 34 weeks. I had terrible morning sickness and had lost about ten lbs in my first tri. I was the same with my third DD as well, and actually weighed less after I had her. My second DD I gained like 50-60 :) and my first I had gained like 20. I've never watched too too carefully what I ate just tried to make good choices and still treat myself.
  • @SwellyBelly don't worry. After the dr told me I had gained 50 lbs I told her to not even tell me how much I was gaining anymore. I'm pretty sure I'm in the 60+ club by now and I still have 5 weeks to go!
  • man i am 38 weeks and up 30 lbs... and that was my total goal.. and i am so hungry that I know it is not going to get better from here.  at this point I am OK with that and just focused and excited to meet my baby! (but i feel huge!!)
  • I'm on track for 35-40 this time (was right around 35 last time), what is normal is different for everyone. Try to focus less on the number and more on making sure the calories you're getting are good ones =)
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  • I am also up about 50 lbs, I have stopped looking at t he scale. Doctor seems fine with it and my baby is also healthy and big.
    My mother said she gained 65 lbs with her first and lost it when breastfeeding.
    I am trying not to get too upset about it
  • I'm 36wks 4 days and have gained 38. My dr hasn't said anything but noticed it was noted on my checkout papers.
  • I already gained over 50 and got 3 more weeks to go!

    Me too. Such a relief I am not the only one. I have 2 weeks and 4 days left and gained over 50.
  • I'm at almost 40 lbs gain but I started out at the low end of the healthy BMI range. Last pregnancy I was at a 37 lb weight gain when I was checked into the hospital at 39 weeks in labor, so I've already outpaced that. This kid is a bigger baby, too. 
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  • I'm 5"7 and I was 145lbs before pregnancy. Now I'm 182 at 37 weeks!!!! But my doctor hasn't said it was too much. I think everyone is different because I'm eating nothing but healthy food and I still gained that much. And I go to the gym.
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