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How much weight have you gained so far?


Re: How much weight have you gained so far?

  • 11 lbs at 23 weeks, but I gained 7 lbs of that in one month and my midwife told me to lay off the sugar, so I have definitely cut back on the chocolate and sodas (root beer was my jam for about a week or two). I'm only 5'2" so I don't want to go overboard, but I am also trying not to stress very much about it. I eat healthy, wholesome meals, drink a TON of water, and enjoy treats in moderation. Yoga and walking are my exercises of choice.
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  • I was also under weight and then in the first trimester I lost 4lbs, but since then I have gained about 15lbs so far, I know that I'll gain more as time goes by so I'm trying to cut back on eat when everything I see in my house. Lol
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  • I lost 17 in the first trimester and only gained 5 back but measuring 26 weeks at 24 so not too worried.
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    I'm small, (5'1") lost 5 lb in first trimester but gained 15 in second, so I'm up 10 lbs total I guess? I'm at 26.5 weeks. I feel like it's not that useful to compare ourselves to others - my doc says I'm on target and that's all I'm caring about.
  • I started at 150 (I'm 5'7") and at 26 weeks I am 180. Belly, butt, and boobs! From a 34D to a 36F. I think the bulk of it is over though, because my monthly gain went from 10 down to 4 and my appetite has decreased.
  • I don't like comparing either but I guess it helps to know I'm not totally alone. I've gained about 30 lbs, maybe more at 26 weeks! I'm trying to watch it bc my back pain is already excruciating. I started to swim last week but my biggest prob is just overeating & not enough fruits & veggies. When I take zofran I'm eating everything! When I don't I'm puking & when I'm that way I just want carbs. And I seem to crave a lot of dairy. I have a hx of eating disorders so this is hard for me! I'd like to eat healthier but it's hard to fight the cravings!
  • 8 lbs at 25 weeks
  • I'm 27 weeks and 2 days, I had my appt Monday. Midwife says I've gained 13 #'s so far but is concerned because she doesn't want me to gain over 20. I laughed at her. I've been VERY careful about what I eat -- mostly fruits & salads. I don't want to have a 10# baby like my husband was. Plus, I passed my GTT by 2 points so MW is concerned and told me to adopt a diabetic diet.....
  • I'm 26 weeks today and was surprised I have
    Only gained 15lbs so far I felt like I gained 20 but I guess it's all in where you carry it...for me it's belly butt nd boobs lol
  • I'm up 10 pounds at 27 weeks. I gained 5 pounds over Christmas break alone. I ate too much pie. Lol

    With my DD I gained 30 total.

  • I have gained 15 pounds at 22 weeks and the baby is doing great!! I have cut back on exercise though :/ i think i have probably lost a lot of muscle mass which is why my weight hasn't increased a lot... i was a runner and honestly have not run since January. What are your opinions on exercise while pregnant?? How much should you exercise a week?

    It all depends on the individual. I recently read about book on fitness and pregnancy because I wasn't as active as I wanted to be pre-pregnancy. But I heard that exercise increases the chances of faster labor, and since my las labor was sooooo long I wanted to be more active. So, I'm taking it slowly during my workouts and I do them 5 times a week. If you worked out before you were pregnant, and your doctor sees no concerns then you can definitely keep up a workout routine.
  • I think walking with weights is such a good idea. I definitely will try that!! With spring weather coming it that will be great:)! Also, im sorry for all you have been through this year. Praying for the Lord to bless you!! And your family!

    I can't wait until the spring weather comes so that I can take walks outside!!!! That will be my favorite form of activity once the warm weather hits. I'm located in CT so it's been pretty cold and tons of snow.
  •  It's nice to hear what other ladies are doing to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy. Weight gain is individualized, however, my weight gain during my last pregnancy was excessive and unhealthy. I had tons of trouble even getting in and out of my bed for 1 month after having my baby. I'm happy to be making better choices.

    With that said, I forgot to say where I am in my current pregnancy. I'm 25 weeks and I've gained 7lbs. During my last pregnancy I was over 25lbs at this point. My current baby is measuring the same size as my son did during my first pregnancy at this time. I think that is so interesting! We really have a say in whether or not we go pass what is healthy for our bodies. I've learned so much. Thanks to everyone who has responded to the post. I love to hear about everyone's experiences.
  • I'll be 28 weeks tuesday and I've gained almost 30 lbs.. The worst part is I had gained 20 lbs the few months before I got pregnant... And now I feel like a whale!!!! Prior to pregnancy I had completed 4 half marathons and was at the gym almost everyday...hoping to get back to that after baby is born eventually. I just can't wait til the weather is warmer so maybe I will feel more motivated to work out...
  • I lost about 10lbs from morning sickness in the first trimester, and have gained all of that back plus 8lbs at 25 weeks (tomorrow).
  • I've gained about 20 pounds at 23 weeks. I always had a hard time actually putting on weight pre-pregnancy so I'm just happy I've been able to gain and keep it on. Someone asked me the other day "are they sure the due date is right?" And I honestly had no idea how to take that. But people are always gonna have things to say so I've kinda learned to just not take it too personally.
  • I've gained 6 pounds and I'm 25 weeks. I work out 3 times a week, eat super healthy 90% of the time but I've also had terrible morning sickness. Still get it! Baby is measuring perfectly. Most importantly I feel fantastic!!! I'm hoping to be one of those amazing moms who looks better post baby!!
  • Unfortunately yes. I started out in a healthy bmi but have had trouble my whole life with easily gaining. I'm trying not to stress and just making sure I'm not overeating.
  • At 27 weeks I had only gained 5 pounds.. Never dealt with morning sickness or anything& don't eat super healthy.. Also not over weight(5'2 and 130 ibs) Pretty much eat like I did before. This is also my first so maybe that's why I haven't gained as much weight. Guess I should just consider myself lucky!
  • I actually dropped 30 lbs initially, and now have gained 20 lbs back (now being 28 weeks)
  • I have gained a whopping 31lbs in 27 weeks! Yikes!!! I'm basically right back on track with my first pregnancy I gained 55lbs.
  • 10lbs at 25 weeks
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  • I had lost 19 pounds at the beginning of my pregnancy and have only gained 9 back so far. I'm at 25 weeks. I am very short and obese so it was super important to me to try to keep my weight gain under control. I decided to eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies and trying to avoid eating late at night. I still def give in to plenty of cravings but I really try not to get in the mind set of "eating for two". It's all about portion control and choosing the right foods!
  • 12lbs at 25 weeks. I put on 8lbs in 4 weeks & my doc was not happy. I'm not overweight. I'm really healthy. I lost weight in the first trimester. She made me feel so bad about it. So I cut calories to 1700/day + at least 30 min of exercise 3-4x per week & am gaining about 1lb per week. I'm hungry ALL THE TIME.
  • I can relate!  I've gained 35lbs at 26 weeks; was a bit underweight to start, but have eaten overall healthy and still exercise so my doc. isn't concerned at all.
  • 12lbs at 25 weeks. I put on 8lbs in 4 weeks & my doc was not happy. I'm not overweight. I'm really healthy. I lost weight in the first trimester. She made me feel so bad about it. So I cut calories to 1700/day + at least 30 min of exercise 3-4x per week & am gaining about 1lb per week. I'm hungry ALL THE TIME.

    I'm sorry you're going through that! My nurse practitioner told me not to worry about it, just watch it. I gained 8 pounds last month too and I've gained 30 pounds total already & I was a little overweight to begin with but pretty much normal. I think what your doctor was saying was ridiculous. I agree with PP listen to your body. What exactly was your doctors concern? My doctor also said the baby hits a growth spurt from 20 to 24 weeks. As someone who struggled with eating disorders for a lot of my earlier life I'm very glad my doctor did not say anything like that to me. I agree with PP also, weight obsession in this society is ridiculous. It should be about health for you & your baby!

  • I'm at 28 weeks so far. Ftm . I've gained a whooping 20 lbs
    Trying not to gain too much more before she is out
  • I hope I get this's been awhile since my Nutrition classes. During pregnancy you are supposed to increase calories by 300 and for breastfeeding 500 calories.

    If you are starving and hungry please EAT! Just make sure it's a healthy choice :)
  • 6lbs...buuuuuut he is measuring big so I'm not worried nor is my OB
  • 13 pounds at 25 weeks
  • At the doc now. Week 25, I've gained 8 lbs.
  • I was over weight before I got pregnant so I haven't gained any weight. I was worried at first but the doc said the baby is healthy and I may not gain much.
  • I've gained 21lbs at 26w3d. My BP is good and I feel pretty good, but I'm going to try to be a bit more active and focus on eating a more balanced healthy diet (I've been eating a ton of KD and baked goods...). My doctor isn't super concerned, but I gained 10lbs from my last appointment, and she said today that she doesn't want me to make a habit of that. 
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  • I am still down. I lost 15 pounds the first trimester and have gained two of them back (yay)! I'm not a small girl anyway, though, so I have some extra pounds to help me out. My diet changed a LOT because I tried to cut out sugar for little dude's benefit. The doctor doesn't seem worried yet, and baby's measuring just right.
    I'm sure there will be weight gain at my next check-up. I feel like my waistline exploded this last week.
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    I'm 27 weeks - almost 28 - and have gained about 24 pounds. My blood pressure is fine. My doctor doesn't seem concerned. I gained 40 pounds with my first and hope to keep my weight gainjust under that this time around. I'm not too concerned because I was able to lose all 40 pounds within 6 months.
  • 4 lbs @ 27w2d

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