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  • Bikinis ... normal size bottoms but had to size (way) up in tops. Maybe I dropped a couple hundred bucks at J Crew but I have a work conference at the beach and we 'll be at the pool a lot so I justified it easily ;)






  • I will rock all 3 this summer depending on my mood.
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  • I always felt uncomfortable in a bikini, even when I used to be skinny, so I certainly won't wear one now. I prefer to have a tankini with shorts or a skirt; pregnant or not.
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  • I have no idea. I was just thinking about this though as we have a pool at our new home. My first thought was tankini but will have to see what I'm most comfortable in!
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    Our first.. Baby BOY! EDD 8/20/14 :) 
  • I think it depends on you and your comfort level! Even if you can rock a bikini, his family may be more conservative and you would do better in something that offered more coverage!
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  • Tankini only b/c I don't believe it is healthy for the baby to have the sun exposure of a bikini.

    If you have no problem with sun exposure, then go bikini.
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  • ljraff29 said:

    For those of you that found maternity bathing suits.. Can I ask where you got them from? I was in Macy's yesterday and tried on a few, but they only had one rack so there weren't too many options. TIA! :)

    Have you tried Sears and target?I had a hard time to because of my big books.Finally found a couple . Hope you do to sweetly
  • Just go for it!  I live down here in Florida and being pregnant and wearing bikini's are quite common
  • I must say there are several maternity swimsuits that are sold at pea in a pod that are quite stylish. 
  • ArgiaDe said:

    I must say there are several maternity swimsuits that are sold at pea in a pod that are quite stylish. 

    True my friends say they have a huge selection of maternity swimsuits.
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