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Cloth and Rash

Our LO is 9 weeks and We've been cloth diapering for a month now. We use California Baby every time we change his diaper and we make sure it is changed at least every 2 hours besides the long sleep in the night. Recently he has gotten a rash, it has little white bumps like pimples.. Has anyone had problems with that rash cream, not sure what kind of rash it is and we have a dr appt next week but I was wondering if anyone else has had this that has some advice..

Re: Cloth and Rash

  • A few people have had issues with that cream -- it seems that some babies are sensitive to it and it can be painful on already irritated skin. 

    I'm not very good with rash questions, and most of the regs from this board have moved to the new place. If you post your question there you'll get help in a more timely fashion.

  • The new place.. Where is that?
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