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Sex drive?

Hi girls I'm 29 weeks and have completely lost my sex drive. I love my o/h and find him so attractive but the thought of having sex is so unappealing.. Is this just me?? Please help xx


  • :( Mine seems to go back and fourth. Sometimes I can't get enough and other times I'm like, "Ugh God you gotta be kidding me."

    I hope it returns for you, I don't really have any advice. :(

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  • It's just apart of pregnancy! Don't sweat it. You have all these hormone changes and unfortunately this is a common side effect. Just let your SO now how you feel and I'm sure he'll understand.
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  • We haven't had sex since 20 weeks, it happens
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  • Definitely not in the mood to initiate anything with the hubby.. but if he makes the right moves then I usually give in which in the end feels very satisfying  :D but since the belly is just getting bigger its just not .. quite the same :/ still good just not as sexy ((to me)) since I feel more like an 'incubator' ..

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  • Aw thanks girls at least I'm not alone how far are you all? Xx
  • Yea I find it really awkward because belly just gets in the way. And Chelsea Ur sex drive is what makes u wanna have sex xx
  • Haven't had sex in maybe 7months? Only has sex maybe 3 times in first trimester too! If it wasn't me not wanting sex, it was me being uncomfortable or sore... And then him being too nervous of hurting me. Hasn't strained our relationship at all. Just feel for him the poor guy! X
  • Haha try being on Pelvic Rest since 8 weeks pregnant! I'm 36 weeks now and haven't had sex since 4 weeks pregnant!
  • The drive will come and go. And the belly can be a big problem. Round ligament pain can also eliminate some of your position alternatives. We've been stuck with the same position for way too long. Sometimes we both lose the desire simply because we miss being able to change position.

    You're definitely not alone. Creativity can get you through though.
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    Yea I find it really awkward because belly just gets in the way. And Chelsea Ur sex drive is what makes u wanna have sex xx

    So not the same sort of thing as a hard drive? Or is it???
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