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Pump part cleaning

Anyone who pumps multiple times a day- how do you clean them during the day? I just wash them with soap and water, rinse, and dry the best I can. Usually at the end of the day I run them through a medela microwave steam bag. What do you do?
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Re: Pump part cleaning

  • I just put them in the fridge, then clean in the dishwasher at the end of the day

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  • courtniko said:

    I'm lazy. I stick them in a zip lock in the fridge between uses during the day. At night I wash with soap and water.
    I sterilized them when I first got them and then once more after a few months of use.

    Same here.
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  • I just throw them in dishwasher.
    I love the idea of keeping them in fridge though... Smart thinking!
  • Same as you but I only steam once a week. When I get lazy fridge, but that's rare. It grosses me out a little.

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  • The LC only recommended rinsing with warm water after each use and washing with soap and water once a day. 

    This is what I want to do but I didn't know if that was ok.
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  • I rinse them and medela micro steam them during the day.
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  • Rinse during the day And wash at night... How do you ladies handle the cold part after being in the fridge! I can't imagine using refrigerated stuff I already have to turn the heater on in the closet where I pump... Brrrr!
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    [Deleted User]SoSayWeAll
  • Rinse and put in the fridge during the day, wash when I get home. I also sterilize daily.
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  • In fridge between uses. Dishwasher every night. Run the sterilize cycle on the dishwasher and the heated dry.
  • dogperson11dogperson11 member
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    I have 2 sets for pumping twice at work. I use a wet bag and store the dirty parts in the large compartment and clean parts in the small compartment. I wash all parts in hot water with dish soap each evening when I get home. I use the same wet bag all week.

    ETA: I steam sterilize about once a month.
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  • Fridge when at work but random pumping at home when nanny is there I wash.
  • trawas01 said:

    The LC only recommended rinsing with warm water after each use and washing with soap and water once a day. 

  • Rinse with water and dry after each pump, wash with soap and hot water every night. Throw in the dishwasher occasionally.

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  • I mostly pump at work. When I get into work I wash everything with the special medela soap and steam clean in one of the medela microwave bags. Then throughout the day I just rinse with warm water and leave out to dry.
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  • Rinse and dry at work, soap and water at home, then steam bag and grass-dry.

  • May be a dumb question but what goes in the fridge and why?!?

    I just let think stack up and wash them with hot water and baby soap when I can.

    I run then though the dish washer at the end of the week and sterilize twice a month
  • @Erika101076 I put the flange, the membrane, the duck bill thing and the bottle ( anything the pumped milk touches) into the fridge between uses at work each day. Then I don't have clean all the parts at work, I just clean them at home once each night.

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