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You are so spamutiful to me!!! Can't you see!!


Re: You are so spamutiful to me!!! Can't you see!!

  • atlvol said:
    How is it only 9:30?  I'm starving.  Is it too early to eat my lunch? I already ate a banana and a lara bar.  

    I'm starving too!  I already ate all my food at work.  Now I'm planning on where to grab an early lunch.  I've been afraid of getting on the scale.
    atlvoljennipalmer[Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • Working when everyone else is off and you have to cover for them sucks.   It sucks even more when your colleaques didn't take care of their stuff before they left and you have to try to piece things together. 
    jennipalmer[Deleted User][Deleted User]beckyanddon
  • @gutsymama that's awesome news!  Congrats to you and your DH! 
    gutsymama[Deleted User]
  • What amazing news @gutsymama‌ !!


    gutsymama[Deleted User]
  • Woot woot!  @gutsymama

    Still. so. hungry.  I'm trying to hold out until 11:30.

  • Feel better everyone!
    Coffee all around!

    I'm laying here in bed while the kids are still asleep. It's so toasty & quiet. I know I have to get up & start breakfast but so comfy.

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    gutsymama[Deleted User]jennipalmer
  • @Stina2012‌ : I haven't even thought about it. However, my situation is different because Alex hardly wakes at night anymore. If he does, he gets the boob.

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  • Congrats @gutsymama‌ !! I am happy for y'all. It's exciting that the thought of #2 is on the breeze! So many happy changes! =D>

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    gutsymama[Deleted User]jennipalmergiraffeluvspi
  • etoille said:
    Mike apparently has some strong opinions on what kind cleanliness standards should be implemented at the house.

    He's been pretty obsessed with brooms for like months.  My mom got him a toy broom from target - he loves it and it's also what he would 'play guitar' on it until Santa recently brought him an Elmo guitar.  Well in the the last week or two there's a very clear pattern of him sweeping the ENTIRE kitchen very deliberately after meals.  Like he'll pull the chairs out from the table and sweep under the table then put the chairs back.  And no you can't convince him to come play until he's done.  So last night I look at DH and I am like dude where the fuck is this coming from??? Because we are dustbuster people or vacuum people which we usually do after he goes to bed.  All of a sudden I'm like holy shit they must sweep after all the meals at daycare.  So we ask Mike's babysitter (a lead at DC) and yep sure enough that's what happens after every meal - the cleaning crew comes in and sweeps etc.  

    So my kid is obviously not impressed with the level of clean that the house gets.  He also likes using hand sanitizer and is disappointed that the play kitchen doesn't have running water because he loves to wash his hands.  At least that makes sense though - that at least is behavior he sees at home that he is imitating.  But that's not enough for Mike apparently.  Apparently he has to pick up mom's slack in keeping the kitchen floors clean.

    Also I am not worldly enough.   He says hola but only to people at day care.  

    So Mike's New Year's resolutions for me are to not suck at cleaning and to learn Spanish.


    Happy New Year's Eve y'all.  Everyone stay warm and if you're going out stay safe on the roads.
    Dude, embrace it. My kids couldn't give a crap what our house looks like and it's like the world is ending if they have to heaven forbid put toys away or put their dishes in the sink. 

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  • Congrats @gutsymama‌!!
    @J134EVA‌ DH and I looked at that for xmas. Glad to know your lo loves it!


  • Stina2012 said:
    Good morning! We had a rough screaming night last night. Anybody done night weaning yet? Riley screamed for over an hour as we tried to comfort her every other way. Snuggling, water sippy, pouch, rocking, singing....none of it worked. I feel so bad for her but I want to be done with nursing in the middle of the night.
    Stina, we did - we basically dropped one night-nursing session every few days BUT the key was that DH had to do ALL the night wake-ups - if I came in, it was nursing or nothing. Basically, we decided first that he would take any wakeups before midnight, then 2am, then 4am, then 6am. It took about 2 weeks total. PM me if you want to talk details. Hugs.
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User][Deleted User]Stina2012
  • Give me all the gin and tonic! 
    [Deleted User]
  • Well I have been regretting that cup of coffee all morning. Thank God DH is working from home today.

    gutsymamaopheliainwaders[Deleted User]
  • DD is also very pro-banana, and calls them "Meena!" - we couldn't figure out where that came from, until we realized she was shortening 'nummy-nummy-nummy-nummy" to "meena."
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    jennipalmer[Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • At least bananas are cheap. He also loves blueberries and strawberries but they are currently so expensive I would have to take out a loan to feed him as many as he would like.

    Blueberries were $1.99 this week at Kroger for the big box! It took the boys 2 sittings to eat them ALL!
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    PrimRoseMama[Deleted User]gutsymama
  • @Byjove03‌ : OJ, Cucumbers & tomatoes do that for us. Chocolate doesn't-- is it just on the mouth/chin or all over (hives?). Could be a slight sensitivity.

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  • @jennipalmer‌ : hugs! If you need to talk we are here.

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  • Hope all the sick moms and babies feel better soon !

    I just sent a message to MIL telling her all that's going on between now and when we leave Tuesday afternoon. Wow. I also suddenly feel the urge for a nap. So much to do to get ready...and so little time. (:| 8-}
    [Deleted User]
  • I think it's gonna take a week at least for us all to make up for the night of no sleep.
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  • Oh and @maryannespier‌ Blueberries are often a decent price at Costco for us. Not as Cheap as the summer but cheaper than the grocery store.
    Blueberries here are about the same price at Costco and at Stop and Shop. This kid and I need to have a talk about the ecological and economic benefits of eating seasonal produce.
    I have been able to get Feli to eat frozen (well, defrosted overnight) ones. Same with raspberries. It's hit or miss, though. And probably not very carpet-friendly.
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