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    @ashie624 Yay! Lots of congratulations to your friend :)
    @Altima80 >:D< Lots of those for you today. You will be in my prayers for a good outcome!
    @MRads My mom basically did the same thing with us but it was only our Santa gifts under the tree because we open family ones on Christmas Eve.

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  • Mangie717 said:

    @reallylongusername‌ would having separate blankets be an option?

    We basically did. I have my blanket, and was letting him use the comforter before he started stealing my blanket so that half my butt or one leg was out and freezing. Now he has another cover besides the comforter and we share the comforter but he steals it :(

  • I'm so happy to hear your good news, @Altima80!!!  >:D<
    [Deleted User]PrimRoseMama
  • Behind but great news @Altima80‌ been thinking of you today!!

    @Byjove03‌ we just flew and it's harder than it used to be. We had crayons and coloring book, snacks, magna doodle. My scarf for peekaboo :)


    [Deleted User][Deleted User]MRadsEagleWife
  • @Altima80‌ yay for a great appt!

    @sparkymcgeee‌ good for your dh. Mine is the sane way. He's been doing so well health and weight wise and is down to the eight he was in hs when we met!

    @biggunsbo‌ My dh also cannot go to the grocery store without a detailed list. So frustrating!
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    [Deleted User]EagleWife
  • Good news @Altima80‌ ! And glad you're home @econmama. Hope you enjoy the pizza tonight.
    [Deleted User]
  • @Altima80‌ great news!

    Baby boy 7.10.13
  • I'm sorry @Mamasighs‌ >:D< Hope everything smoothens out soon for you!
  • PickleX said:

    Cards with glitter on them should only be sent to one's enemies :angry:

    Omg I think this everytime I open a card you can tell the cards with glitter in my house... They don't make it out of the envelope

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    [Deleted User]EagleWife
  • Yay @Altima80‌! That's such a relief.
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