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Au15 Due Dates *updated OP*

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EDIT: You can now add your own due dates/team. I will leave it open for anyone to edit as long as we don't have any issues :)

EDIT 12/11: I have love-titted all the posts of people that I have added to the spreadsheet. Anyone after that I have not had a chance to add. Work is keeping me hectic busy. Between that and MS I haven't been able to do more than be on mobile. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but with people joining daily I'm going to need some help getting caught up. If you add someone to the spreadsheet, please love-tit their post. Thanks ladies :)

Hey Ladies,

I went ahead and added due dates to a spreadsheet since it doesn't look like anyone else has yet. I'm sure I'm missing some of you so please comment with your EDD if I need to add you. 

We can always copy/paste this information somewhere else if needed. I just thought it'd be nice to have it all in one place without having to go through a bunch of posts.

Please let me know if I ever miss anything. I promise it is not intentional.

CLICK ME! ---  Does anyone know how we can get this pinned?


Edit: We are also honoring our A15 Angel babies on this list. If you would like your name removed please let me know. We are so sorry for your loss.

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Re: Au15 Due Dates *updated OP*

  • Awesome! Can you add me to 8/1 please?
    [Deleted User]ReD9152012floduff
  • Thanks for doing this.

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  • Please add me 8/1 :o)
  • Please add me to 8/7
  • Please add me! August 1.

    Thank you!
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  • Hello pretty ladies! I am going to update the spreadsheet now :)
  • Please add me to 8/10. Thank you


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  • could I please be added 2/10 Thank YOu 
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  • Add me. I'm August 3rd
  • August, 3 for me!
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  • I'm 8/1. Thank you!
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  • Thanks for doing this @NotElsie! Can you add me to 8/1? 

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  • Add me! 8/2 edd
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  • Hi! Please add me 8/11!!
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  • August 8 for me
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  • Hi please add me for aug 4 :)
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  • Thanks for making this! Can you please add me? Edd 8/5 Thank you
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  • I would like to be added! 8/8
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  • Awesome! Could you add me as well? 8/8
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  • vsandbrookvsandbrook member
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    Thanks, @NotElsie!

    My EDD is 8/4.

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  • @babyruth85302‌ - I just got in bed, and I'm on mobile. I'll be sure to add you in the morning from my computer :)
  • I'm 8/10 too!

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  • Please add me? 8/8
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  • Just curious if people are calculating their due dates from lmp or ovulation date? I know it's doesn't really matter, but I figured if I calculate by my ovulation date my ob will just change it anyways from the lmp?
  • All added :) Thank you for your patience.

    @mrsb30 - I am going by O date, but my RE office goes by LMP. So they are going to say I'm due at the end of July, but I didn't O until cd24 so unless baby comes early it should be August.
  • edited November 2014

    August 9th please
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  • Thanks @NotElsie‌! When you have a chance would you mind changing me to aug 7th? According to my o date that would be my correct due date :)
  • @mrsb30 Got ya :)

    I know that a bunch of these EDDs might be changing once we start getting ultrasounds, etc so it's going to be quite an adventure. Haha. I'll update as people ask me to.
  • Please add me... August 3 :)
  • Added @Alexispete

    Ok, so I have a question that I'm not really fond of asking. Do we want an Angel Babies column for those of us who have lost, or should I be deleting people from the list?

    I don't want to make anything harder on anyone.
  • Can I still be added? 8/14
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