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Holiday Gifts for Direct Reports

It's a little early, but do you buy gifts for your direct reports? If so, what do you give and what's your budget?

Re: Holiday Gifts for Direct Reports

  • Are you buying personally?  Or is the company buying?
  • Yes. I buy gifts and do a "party" for my whole team (12-14 ppl ). I keep gifts between. $50- $75 each. I used to always do gift cards but last year I bought them these cute watches and clutches (they happen to be all young ladies right now).

  • I have gotten a small gift from my manager the past couple of years.  Because he pays out of pocket for them it is typically a $10 GC to our onsite cafeteria and a note of thanks.  Honestly, as an employee, I would rather he keep his money for himself and just a note of thanks and/or a small treat for the group one day would be all I would expect. 
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  • I have almost never received a gift and have never given one  (outside of weddings and babies) - except once as a "pick me up" for my boss who was really overwhelmed.  It was a total office decorative token.  I was due in about a week and she was in town and took me to dinner, so I gifted her.  I received from a former boss pottery - she taught a class and made tons of pieces and it was wonderful and personal.

    My other boss allegedly sent me a handmade personalized gift (but would never divulge what it was) that I never received one year.  It was really weird as years later she would ask "are you sure you never got my present" but would not answer "what WAS it?" 

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  • We do at my company. My boss sends a Harry and David basket to his direct reports. I give $50 gift cards. The more I think about it, I think I work in Mad Men, except without alcohol and smoking. And the men are all bad dressers. We are very old school.
  • In the past I have received a little package of lotions from bath and body works, some candles and some plant thing.  I work with mostly women.  Honestly, I didnt want any of what was given to me and would have just preferred a note or a group lunch or something like that.
    This is the first year I am managing people.  We got a credit for an event we did because of something that happened so I am taking them out to lunch there with that credit.  Gifts don't really happen with my company so this will be a nice extra thing to do.
    I always thought food was better.  Especially a nice long lunch at a nice restaurant with the group.  It was enjoyable, food was good, nice to get out of the office for a longer lunch and bonding with the team.
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  • My boss gives $50-$75 amazon gift cards most years.  Extremely generous, considering he has 8-10 direct reports at any given time.

    When I had all women reporting to me, I got coach wristlets (at the outlet) or Vineyard Vines stuff.  Now I have a mix, so last year everyone got $50 amazon gift cards (6 people).

    This year, my entire team is going out to dinner, and managers are picking up the tab.  I talked folks down from the really expensive steakhouse to an Italian chain (not Olive Garden... better...) so it will likely be $50-$75 PP all in.  I have 7 direct reports that I'll cover.  3 of those 7 also have staff that they'll cover, and then another level that those managers will cover.  Everyone agreed to it, I did not propose it.  I won't give gifts beyond the dinner.
  • Thanks, I think taking them to a team lunch is a nice idea that everyone would be receptive to it.
    [Deleted User]momofcatan
  • Thanks, I think taking them to a team lunch is a nice idea that everyone would be receptive to it.

    I think this is the most appropriate idea.

  • I have given a bottle of wine or gc to Starbucks. 

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  • No.  I work in a very small company and I send them our family Christmas card.  That is all.
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  • My only direct reports are graduate students and an administrative assistant. I get graduate students some donuts or another treat for their office kitchen and I give my admin assistant a $100 gift card.
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  • my old boss gave us starbucks or DD giftcards.  not sure what they do in my new dept.

    honestly, the entire gift-giving thing at work makes me feel completely ICK. 
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  • My manager gives us a small $10ish gift. I'm a CSR and work directly with/for specific sales reps. Most of the sales reps will give $10-$30 gift to each CSR they work with. I like feeling appreciated and would be just as happy with a lunch out.

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  • DH is a small business owner and has 5 employees, we give them personalized gifts at 25-50 per person. It's a small enough shop that we regularly have them (plus kids/spouses) over for dinner at our place too, and many of them are our friends anyway. 

    I supervise 5 people, but I don't get them anything - we're a small non-profit and our Board of Directors usually gives everyone a $20 gift card.
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