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2nd Trimester

Am I mental?

This is my first pregnancy. I'm usually a very upbeat, bubbly, positive person and just in the past few weeks (Im 24wks preg) I've done a 180. I'm either extremely irritated and kind of mean or I'm super emotional and crying for no reason. Women tell me I'm normal, but I don't feel normal. I feel like a monster. Any advice?? At this point anything could help...


  • If you don't feel normal, ask your doctor...
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  • Mood swings can be common. We can't tell you if you're normal. Your doctor is who you should be talking to if it's bothering you this much.
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  • are you having a girl? lol
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  • If you don't feel right talk to your OB. There could be some depression going on.

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  • I'm the SAME way!!!!
  • If you have to ask.... 

    Seriously, though; hormones will affect your moods and attitude sometimes; but if you're feeling like a totally different person, I'd speak with your doctor. 

  • I'm not as far along as you but I understand how you feel. Before I was so kind and happy and now I hate everyone. But I have good days too so I'm contribuiting it all to hormone fluctuation. Kinda like when I first went through puberty, I was a major B. I hope you start to feel better soon and do talk to your doc about it.
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