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Hi all -- Anyone experienced with the Orbit Baby System and have any thoughts? We are sort of between that and the City Select, which I know is a favorite of many moms. The two are pretty different it seems (both in the strollers themselves as well as the price), but those are the two we've narrowed in on. Any thoughts are much appreciated! 
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  • I'm also looking into the orbit baby system. I don't have any advice but am in the same boat as you! From the reviews I've read it's great but I haven't used one.
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    The orbit infant seat does not fit preemies/small newborns and some average size newborns because the lowest harness hight is too high to fit properly. It's very bulky in the car. The toddler car seat is outgrown insanely early rearfacing and forward facing.

    The idea is neat, but for the price of the system, there are many FAR better, and longer lasting choices.
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  • Like PP said they aren't really great for smaller babies. Also they are VERY bulky and rather heavy. Also beacuse of the unusual shape the orbit is really awkward to use at restraunts and do not fit in the infant carrier sling offered at many restraunts. IMPO they aren't worth the hype at all! I would get a different infant car seat and stick with the city select.

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  • City Select.  The Orbit is overpriced, bulky and heavy and doesn't fit newborns well.
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  • Friend had the Orbit (3 years ago) and LOVED it. Once her daughter outgrew the infant seat though, they quickly switched to a jogging stroller (which she still uses along with an umbrella stroller, but not the Orbit). Would personally go with the City Select out of these two choices (less expensive, usefulness will last a lot longer and can splurge on the better tires & am echoing the infant seat concerns. The rotation of the seat & soft handle were features that sold my friend, along with the bassinet). I have the City Mini GT and it is almost perfect.

    If you go with the Orbit, and are using it restaurants, the infant car seat in the stroller is the best & safest bet over the restaurant slings / child seats.
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  • Thanks all...we did end up straying away. Loved a lot of the features but once I found out the stroller seat couldn't click into the car, didn't seem to make sense for the overall expense. Felt like i was sort of sold on the system idea thinking that each seat could transfer from base to car. I know you can get the car seat that transfers from base to car but it is so big and clunky! Thanks everyone! 
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