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girl or a boy

its my second pregnancy and i just hav a feeling that its a girl ,last time i had a feeling that its gonna be a boy and yes it ws so im so waiting till the day i find the sex of my baby.......anyone else with the same feeling or maybe better call it sixth sense or so:)

Re: girl or a boy

  • I knew our last was a boy as well. I had a dream the day before our ultrasound and I was right :-) and my whole preg I called my baby He. With this baby I feel she but I think I'll know more the further along I get.
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  • My DH is convinced baby is a girl, and I think because of that I think it's a girl too. I guess in time we will find out! :)
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  • With my 1st pregnancy for sure knew it was a boy. Always referred it to him. Sure enough penis :)
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    Night I found out we did the Chinese Gender Chart here on TB for shats n giggles. It said boy.

    Next morning on the way to work, I am sitting at a red light and a big blue balloon just floats down the middle of the street right past me. weeeeird. 

    Is the universe give me signs? I told a close friend at work and then about that, she's very pagan and is now convinced that it's going to be a boy!

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  • Chinese gender chart... Totally forgot about that. It was right with my son and says boy this time as well. Hmmmm. I'm not one for those types of things though. We shall see. Would love to be team green but DH cannot wait.
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  • I have always had the feeling I would have 2 girls then a boy. My first was a girl and so I have a feeling this one will also be a girl. Chinese Gender Chart also worked with my first.


  • With my first I had Mother's Intuition that it was a boy, and sure enough, I was right.

    With this one I don't have any gut feelings yet, but I'd like another boy.
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  • With my first I thought girl, he was most definitely a boy. With my daughter I thought boy so wrong again. I apparently lack all intuition. But I have a feeling this one will be a boy.
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  • As soon as I got engaged, 5 years before I got pregnant with my first, I started having dreams of this beautiful blonde baby boy. It was always the same baby on my dreams, and dh had similar dreams. We were right, we had a boy.
    As soon as we started praying to see if it was time for baby #2 we both had dreams with a baby girl. So I can't wait to see if we got it right this time as well.
  • I was so convinced with my first it was going to be a boy that when we found out the gender (a boy) it was not that exciting because I felt like I just KNEW.

    I wanted to be team green last time but I am glad we found out because I had a c/s under anesthesia. I am debating about finding out this time. I'm kind of leaning towards girl this time.

    Has anyone heard of the theory that if the placenta around 9 weeks is attached to the right it's a boy and to the left/center it's a girl? Apparently it is 97% accurate. It was right for me!
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  • With my first I was so sure it was a boy- and it was! With #2 I was sure it was a girl and I ha always pictured myself as a mom to a boy and a girl...but I was wrong- we have 2 boys! With #3 I bet it's another boy...although I would love to have a little girl. Either way as long and he/she is healthy it doesn't matter but I kinda hope the pink swimmers were on our team that day lol
  • My grandmother was 100% positive she was going to have a girl. After her baby was born they took it away and bathed it then brought it back. It was a boy and she argued with the nurse convinced that they brought her the wrong baby. She says we are super lucky to be have ultra sounds....
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  • My gut is just telling me I'm having a boy
  • No clue. 50/50 shot. I didn't have any idea with my daughter. No mother's intuition here.

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  • I don't have any strong feelings )or preferences) at this point, but my mom has said several times that she sees me having all boys.
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  • I have this gut feeling that baby is a boy.
  • I had a very strong feeling with my first that it will be a girl and I was right. I cried at the anatomy scan when they said that. With my second I had a feeling that it was a boy, but convinced myself that it will be another girl and was shocked when they said a boy. When DD was born, my dad said you will have a boy born 11.11.11 and I said no way, my son was born 11.9.11. This time around, I had a dream about a year ago and say a girl born in May 15, 15. I am due 4.12.15. It might be am girl, but at this time I have no gut feeling, , but my BFF said that she saw a dream with a girl. She was right about my first two, so we will see. I think it will be another girl.
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  • With my first, I was certain it was a boy. It turned out to be a girl. With this one, I'm trying to resist the urge to guess as I may be totally wrong but I think it may be another girl.

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  • I had no idea with either boy and I have no idea now either. I am hoping for a girl, but will be just as happy with a 3rd boy. 
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  • I've decided it's a girl until it's a boy ......but I did the Chinese calculator that says it's a girl so I'm feeling lucky ;)
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  • I truly don't care one way or another but I'm thinking this one is a girl. Not so much because of intuition but because I know when I ovulated and when we dtd and based on that I'm thinking girl.
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  • I knew with the first pregnancy when I ovulated and based on that I knew it was a girl and I was right. Based on the same this one is also a girl!
  • I have a feeling it's a girl too I hope I'm right would love a baby girl as my first
  • I am also trying to be team green but my husband absolutely refused. We will see who wins.
  • I think this is my girl...FX



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  • DH is convinced we will first have a girl and then a boy. I'm just tryin' to get through this first pregnancy, and he's already knocking me up again in his head! Jesus.
  • I've always pictured myself with 2 boys. My first is a boy. I would be surprised to hear that this one is a girl, but the idea of a girl is growing on me.
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  • I don't actually have a sex preference.  Eventually I would like one of each, but I'm not really partial at this point.  MH wants a boy, and he says that means we will probably have a girl.  I think he's pretty terrified of girls.

    My husband was too. It is the most amazing thing to watch him with DD though. It melts my heart. He is just wrapped around her finger. It is such an amazing bond. Even if our next is a boy I almost can't see him with a boy now. It's making me tear up haha.

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    [Deleted User]BLPL101Marchling
  • I had a lot of "girl" intuition with my first, even though everyone and their brother was telling me that it was a boy based on the way I was carrying. I was right, woo! This time around, I *think* I'm feeling boy vibes (out of context that's sort of a creepy phrase), but I'm not sure. I like being team green, it's fun times.



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  • devanela said:

    I am also trying to be team green but my husband absolutely refused. We will see who wins.

    I'm 100% team green and my hubby has been trying to convince me otherwise! But I told him since I'm growing our little one I get to choose and I choose to find out when I give birth! He's okay with it now but for a few weeks he was saying "I'll find out from the doc" haha sorry bud!!
  • This time feels different then it did with my dd. I'm thinking boy. My dd is a march baby so I have a ton of cloths for this baby if it's a girl. That is another reason I am expecting a boy. Haha I know it's silly but my luck I have all the right stuff and will have the opposite sex. It really doesn't matter to me either way.

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  • I was 100% sure that DS was going to be a girl. We were calling him "olive" starting about the week he was that size. We found out he was a boy at the ultrasound, and I was sad for a few weeks after that. Not because he was a boy but because it didn't seem like the baby I was getting attached to. Of course, I now can't imagine him as anything but himself! I have no feeling about this baby yet.

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    I bought some yarn last night to make a baby blanket, and I kept saying I'm working on a blanket for "baby boy" in my head while I worked on it. Chinese gender predictor this morning says boy, but I've always imagined myself with girls. I might just be thinking boy because a lot of people close to us have had boys recently.
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    It's a boy!
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    I completely thought DD was a boy for many reasons, but obviously I was wrong. I was happy to be wrong. I really wanted a girl. I think this one is a girl. If I could pick, I'd choose a boy just for DH because I know he wants one. We shall see!

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  • I had a strong feeling my first was a boy. He was. My gut says girl this time. DH wants to be team green, because we did find out the first time. I'm not sure I have it in me haha. If it is a boy, homie is well outfitted thanks to his brother. But if it's a girl, Mama wants to shhhhop.
  • The sex doesn't matter to me as long as they are healthy. I sometimes wish having a boy first because they will be the eldest, but love all the cute little things to do for a baby girl as your first. My husband side of the family is all girls, so our chances are pretty high for having a girl.
  • I have no idea
  • @PetraStonegirl‌ tell me more about this IVF Math. I haven't heard about this...
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