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9 wk with quadruplets- light spotting

Just wanted some feedback. I'm 9w4d with quadruplets. We got to hear the heartbeats this week and fell in complete love!  All look great and are measuring about where they should (one is 2 days behind with a slightly smaller sac). Otherwise, the doctor said everything was great.

Yesterday I woke up and when I would wipe, I had very slight, brown spotting. I did call the doctor & he told me to call back if it got worse. Now I'm getting incredibly nervous and almost want to call in the morning just to see if they will take me in this week for a quick ultrasound. Our next appointment isn't until July 9.  

Any suggestions? Do I just suck it up and hope that all are ok?  Any women with multiples also go through this? 

Re: 9 wk with quadruplets- light spotting

  • I would request to go in. But remember you also don't want to aggravate your cervix by having to much internal monitoring and you would need a vaginal ultra sound to check babies
  • congrats on your babies! I would call your doc again and just let them know what's going on and how anxious you are. I have a feeling they'll be hearing from you lots over the next 30 weeks! I had brown spotting at 15 weeks, and everything was fine. If they'll let you come in earlier, why not? The worst they can say is "no" but I doubt they'll say that.
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    I had red bleeding during wk 12. It scared me so bad. The girls were fine. The dr could never find a source for the bleeding, but said it wasnt uncommon with the rapid growth of a multiples pregnancy. I hope all is well. Definitely go be checked for peace of mind :) I wouldnt wait

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  • I had some light spotting early on as well. I was told it could have been from the progesterone supps, but was also told to take it easy. I also ended up with a polyp in my cervix, but it was of no danger to the babies. From what I remember, spotting is more common with multiple pregnancies. I know how scary it is, I even called out of work the first time I saw it I was so terrified! Best wishes!
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  • I spotted like that around that time. I stayed home from work and called the doc the next day (hoping they would say come in). I took the toddler to daycare and laid on the couch all day. It was gone by the next day. I would def call just to see what they say. 

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  • I had a tiny bit of pink or reddish brown blood on my tp when I wiped, too, at 20 something weeks. OB checked and all was fine with the babies and my whole vaginal area. Could have just been irritated or something she said. I'd try not to worry, but I totally get your anxiety. Usually they say to only be concerned if there's bright red blood.
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  • I had bleeding very early on and my twins are perfect.  That being said, I did go into the OB to have it checked.  Please take care and check in; it's likely normal but always good to have reassurance.

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  • I'm an ultrasound tech at a fertility clinic and also have twins. Brown is nothing to worry about. We worry when it's bright red. You might of had a sub choronic bleed and it's coming out.
  • That's how we found our twins. I had a good amount of spotting in all different shades of pink, red and purple. Luckily it was just our babies getting nice and comfortable for a long stay. It's scary but I just had faith and held on. My dr said regardless if I laid in bed or did cartwheels outside, if one isn't going to make it there was nothing they could do. It was rough to hear but it took some stress away and made me stay positive which is what they need. Hang in there. 4 heartbeats is a good sign.
  • Well after a great day of no spotting, it woke me up again this morning. I feel weird to call the doctor again, but DH says I would feel better if I did.

    My question: am I potentially doing too much?  Over the weekend I did nothing- literally, I laid around and did nothing. Yesterday I was feeling better so I came to work. I do not have a physically demanding job. I'm a Mental Health & A&D counselor. The first 3 hours I am in group with my clients and don't have to stand up a lot- so the only walking I do is around the building. The rest of the day, I'm sitting upright at a desk.  Should I ask for the afternoon off to be able to prop my feet up? I felt a little more cramping late last night and into the morning, but I don't know if that's psychological.  This morning it feels more like my stomach muscles are cramping.

    Those of you who did have spotting, what did you do when the doctor said "take it easy & keep your feet up"? I'm thinking of talking to my director & letting him know that I need to leave early so I can rest, since I can't really prop up at work.


  • basil2basil2 member
    I'd call and see if you can do an ultrasound this week. Though that said, it is a holiday week and may be harder to get an appointment- there isn't an urgent medical need (it won't change anything to go in now) but it would definitely help you to know what's going on.
    I don't think you need to overdo the rest at this point, don't over exert yourself but normal everyday activities in moderation are not going to cause a miscarriage at this point. ( if something is wrong it's not likely you did anything to cause the problem).
    Don't feel bad about calling- you're pregnant with quads- you're going to need more than the average amount of attention.
  • My doctor told me I could come in to have heartbeats checked anytime, to ease my mind. Also when I needed to put feet up at work, turns out a footstool is helpful, they dont have to be up above your waist or heart, just not straight down helps... :-)
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