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Adult Tantrum?

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Are adult tantrums allowed during the adoption process?

16 months... still waiting for a match
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My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday

Suggestions for combating bad days?

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Re: Adult Tantrum?

  • I think it's always a good thing to give yourself an outlet for those frustrations. Find something that helps you blow off some steam. Otherwise, you may end up having a breakdown. 
  • You know what else? It's just ok to be upset, give yourself permission to be upset. It doesn't make you a bad person, it makes you human and HUGS to you.

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  • Sometimes the only thing that worked for me was secluding myself into the basement with daily tv for a good cry. Thank goodness for friends with endless patience and this place, I always was able to vent my frustrations away.

    Thinking of you as you wait.

  • I don't have anything brainy to add today, as I'm having my own adult tantrum type of day as well.  Hugs to you!


  • Come to this page vent, whine write out everything you are feeling and know that you have a community of support, virtual hugs thoughts and prayers just waiting for you.

    The child that is meant for you will be here one day. Try and enjoy the calm of life before baby because once they arrive those days of being able to just run out of the house to go to the store, go to a movie or hang out with friends without a thought are over. I know it's hard but have faith.

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  • @plus12012 - my husband just said almost the exact same thing to me about 10 minutes ago.

    We got a call earlier today that our licensing agent is unexpectedly "out" for at least the next two weeks, perhaps longer and that our process is effectively on hold until she gets back.  Grr...



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    @lorifromwi   See to me, that's ridiculus. You're process shouldn't be placed on hold because of someone else being on leave. I've been dealing with a similar situation through are agency and its aggravating. You're paying for a service that they aren't providing.
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  • @Strawberryglobug...I would be really upset if I was paying, but since I'm going through the state, it's free.  However, I know they have been short on homes for placements in our age range and there is nothing we can do but wait and watch the local support group ask if other homes have temporary extra beds.  That's the part that really burns me.

    I hope your situation turns around!!


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  • Hugs. I have been know to throw epic tantrums in my mind. Hope things get better.
    I always wanted to be a mom, I just didn't know how I would get there.
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