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Maternity clothes

I don't quite need to wear maternity clothes just yet but likely will in the next few weeks. One of my chores for this weekend has been to go through a bunch of maternity clothes that an ex-coworker had given me.

It was fun to go through but a little depressing as well. To make room for all of the new clothes, I packed a lot of my wardrobe that doesn't fit or won't fit very shortly. Part of me wondered if I would ever fit back into the pre-baby clothes.

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  • You will! I was back in my pre preg clothes with my last 12 weeks after I had her, it doesn't seem like it will happen but it does!! Just be patient everyone's body is different!
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  • It took me two years, but I got back into my pre-pregnancy clothes though I will say nothing ever really fit the same. I actually ended up two sizes smaller that I was before DS. You'll body will change, it took me a long time to accept that but you will love your body again at some point.
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  • I'm finding maternity clothes are more flattering and tend to hide the rolls and muffin top little better than trying to squeeze into to the tight stuff. But I gained a lot on clomid too.
  • Yep. I fit back in within 2wks (not as comfy fitting but they eventually went back to normal). Enjoy the maternity clothes though, they are comfy!
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  • You will! My body has definitely changed since babies, but I can still fit into pants that I wore before I was pregnant with DS 1.

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    I was back into my pre-pregnancy clothes in 3 months. Some jeans and pants, the skinnier ones, took a bit longer. I lost all the weight after 12 months though. I didn't want to work out at the same intensity as I did before because I was worried about my milk supply.
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  • I'm excited to be far enough along to have to shop for maternity clothes. I've put on a few pounds already and I'm only almost 9 weeks. So, things don't fit but I don't really have a "bump" (other than bloat). Getting dressed in the morning is tough. Putting on weight is definitely disconcerting but it reminds me that I'm pregnant and it's totally normal and natural. Not sure how I'll feel post-partum though!
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    You will! Dont stress about it. I did the same thing last time, packed away my old clothes for maternity. After I was back to my normal size I got to shop through all my old clothes
  • You'll get back to your pre-baby size.  I actually ended up going down a size post baby, though it took about 10 months.  Be patient and don't worry.  You'll be lovely at each step of the process!

  • If you want to fit back into them, you will!
    Stephanie Ella ~ 6/15/2012
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