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I just fed my son cinnamon toast for lunch because I was too darn lazy to heat up some leftovers we had in the fridge.

What have you done lately to join the MOTY club?
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  • Yesterday I was playing around and chased my 3 yo DS out on our screened in porch. He ended up getting a huge and very deep splinter in his foot and had to go to the doctor's to have it removed. I felt pretty bad. :-(
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  • tondraluv said:
    I did my toes the other day while Brayden was napping because i'm in between pedicures & thought I cleaned up well. When he woke up, I noticed he was chewing on something. Apparently I didn't clean up as well as I thought because he was chewing on a toenail :-&

    I thought you were going to say he was chewing on the toe separators lol too funny
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    Erin10408 said:

    Claire was hanging out with me in the bathroom after I took a shower this morning.  I turned around to see her digging in the hamper, and trying to put my used underwear on her head.

    My kid does this like every day. Only she often gets stuck with my pants over her head and can't get out. I think I must have a huge ass.
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  • skidderdo said:
    I thought it would be cute to have Warner help me plant his first garden (just a few small pots on our patio). He, however, was much more interested in eating the dirt...

    This happened with us too. Only the dirt was wet and he ate a fistful of mud!

    While William was sick I let him have his nuk constantly. I now have a monster child the last day and a half because I won't let him have his nuk unless he's going to sleep. Ugh! 
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