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I'm so fancy...

If I were a stripper this would be one of my songs I shook my money maker too.

What would be your go to jiggle jam?

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Re: I'm so fancy...

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  • I Like It by Enrique Iglesias. It's also my guilty pleasure song!
  • I don't know about stripper song, but my theme song is "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen.

    So maybe my stripper song would be "Rump Shaker" by Wreckz-N-Effect.
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    absolutelymaybeRachelC79KMW08[Deleted User]
  • Ludacris my chick bad is a good one
    [Deleted User]lisaren
  • I have to tell you Lisa that I heard Iggy Azalea twice on my way home and all I could think of was you stripping, so thanks ;)

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  • Happy - wearing a one eye goggle on my forehead and cut-off jean overalls (of course)

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]absolutelymaybelisaren
  • "Ciara- Ride it" & I'm unusually good at it lol ;):\">
  • MrsC430MrsC430
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    Ayo Technology - 50 cent & Justin Timberlake

    It's twin girls!! Born on 11-2-14!
  • TC0514TC0514
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    it's a toss up between Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry or the theme song to Dora the Explorer

    This is hilarious!! :)
  • lisarenlisaren
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    I would be the worst stripper ever.  I win guys over with my personality.  I don't let them see me dance.  Or eat (food on my face/on my clothes situation).

    I used to be a dancer, not the naked kind. I did dancing in clubs like when I lived in NYC I danced on Club Mtv a few times, but it was mostly in hip hop clubs to get people up. Now, I can't jiggle for nothing. I'm all messed up dancing.

  • wildflower75wildflower75
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    I keep telling myself to learn the dance moves from this video... Ciara Body Party...

    especially at 2:23 and 2:53
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  • I'll take Lil' Kim -How Many Licks! I like it dirty!
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  • I love strippers!!!! When I was in beauty school there were 3 strip clubs across the street and they would come in to get their hair and make up done . I loved their stories. One of them asked me if I wanted to come try for one night. At that point in my life I'm so surprised I didn't do it. I wish I would of!
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  • Wicked22 said:
    So this thread suddenly has me thinking of Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies where her husband makes her strip but shes doesn't know it's her husbands. She had some great legs in that movie. 
    I love that movie! That scene is great! Probably how my stripping debut would end.

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    lisaren[Deleted User]Nfranco973
  • Two Usher songs come to mind... Love in this Club and Yeah.... but especially the first one! Love me some Ursher baby!
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  • My jam is "Beast of Burden".

    I'm a stones girl. Me and Mick Jagger have the same birthday.
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  • hahaha this is cracking me up! i can't dance to save my life but i think i have to go with my girl britney 'i'm a slave for you'. she's a hot mess but i love her and she can shake that ass
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