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Eating so little

Ella has been eating less and less ..doesn't even want to eat her favorites.. I think she may be getting some molars ..anyone's LOs have this issue?

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  • YES, OMG we've been going through this since Sunday.  Brayden only wants boob and hasn't eaten much of his food.  I've even offered him some pie.  I felt inside his mouth and can feel two molars, an incisor, and two more upper teeth (I forget the name).  I called our Doctor and he said if he doesn't seem to be sick or have an ear infection, then it is definitely because of the teeth


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    ClandestineX[Deleted User]
  • Ester is going through this too, I am not sure whether it is molars possibly coming through or what but I am not too worried about it yet. I think it may also just be a phase , she just seems to be pickier lately for sure though

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  • It's so frustrating ..3 bites and she is done..doesn't want hard foods doesn't want soft doesn't want purées..ugh she normally eats like a grown man lol
  • I think my DD is teething also. She hasn't really eaten dinner the past two nights. Although I don't think it's her molars since she only has two teeth... hehe. Her diapers have also been horrible the past few days.
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  • JSS1002JSS1002 member
    He goes through phases... last week I felt like he didn't want to eat at all... last night he ate 2 meatballs, a cut up hot dog, and a huge pile of fruit... if he's not pooping he generally doesn't eat much.

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