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We made it through our first night home (long)

I had my girls on Monday morning by c-section and was finally sprung from the hospital yesterday. The girls are doing awesome, Lillian is back up to her birth weight already and Claire is only one ounce below the original weight. Their pedi is very pleased with how they are doing. I was supposed to go home on Thursday, but the doctor was not happy with my blood pressure and some of my lab work. She said I probably had pre-eclamp that was never diagnosed during my pregnancy, she only let me go yesterday if I promised to stop by to get more labs drawn today.

The first few hours at home were very stressful for us. The girls started getting fussy right before leaving the hospital and it was difficult to calm them. This was the first time they had both been that fussy. They quited down on the car ride home, but started up again once we got home. It was so hard on both dh and I, we tried changing, feeding, and everything else, but nothing worked. We tried to stay calm, but I know the girls could really feel our stress. Well, after everyone calmed down we got in the car for our first outing to IL's house to celebrate Christmas with DH side of the family. It was nice once we got there, the girls fell asleep in the car and slept pretty much the whole time we were there and all the way back home. My mom also go into town last night and is staying with us until Wednesday. My girls have had a few more fussy moments, but they just spend most of their time sleeping cozied up in with their boppy's. They slept through most of the night and we have been having to wake them to make sure they are eating. I have been extremely hormonal and I woke up and my milk had come in, so that was something to laugh at, my soaked shirt. Hopefully tonight will be another good night.
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Re: We made it through our first night home (long)

  • I'm glad you made it through and the girls are doing well. That is so impressive that you already made it to a family gathering with less than a week old twins! Hope tonight goes smoothly too.
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  • I hope your days and nights continue to go smoothly!
  • So glad you are all doing well!
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  • I second E&d07!  I can't believe you guys were out & about!  I think everyone would have to come to me, even if just had 1 baby!  So you guys are definately handling everything very well if you accomplished an outing already!!!  But I bet you were ready to get out of the house & show them off!  Can't wait for more pics........................
  • Jackie I will work on more pictures soon.
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  • image MelZull:
    Jackie I will work on more pictures soon.


    About time...I mean it isn't like you have twin newborns at home to keep you busy! :)~

    I'm glad to hear things are going fairly well and the girls are doing great!

  • Congratulations!  I hope you are doing well and getting settled in.  We need a GTG so we can meet those precious little twins of yours!
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