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is this normal in first tri?

Asking for a friend… I didn't have it, but don't remember reading about if it's normal or not. 

She's a little over 8 weeks and has had some random very light pink spotting.  tonight she's started having heavier darker spotting.  no cramping or anything.  she has had 3 miscarriages already and said that she remembers a lot of cramping with those.  

is this normal/ok in successful pregnancies?  


Re: is this normal in first tri?

  • I had spotting then bleeding for a couple of days before cramping with my last two MC. I really didn't have any cramping with my last MC b/c I was only about 8wks.
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  • Bleeding is not considered normal in any pregnancy. It also doesn't mean it's an issue. She should call her OBGYN and check with them. I am guessing they will probably want to bring her and check her out.


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    She should definitely check with her dr. Especially with her history of miscarriage.

    I will say, I didn't have any cramping with my m/c.
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