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Stop nursing to sleep tips?

LO is just shy of 11 months. I will begin to wean after 12 months. I think LO will be ready for the most part as it seems he is losing more and more interest by the day.

We had a lot of trouble TTC and I will be turning 35 this year, so the clock is ticking and we would like to get started TTC #2 asap. Otherwise I would not be worried about weaning.

My question is LO nurses to sleep for naps x2, bedtime and x1 motn. We had a really rough patch of sleep at 5 months, waking every 30-45 min for 6+ weeks. Nothing worked and we ended up doing CIO which I thought I never would. LO took to it well, cried 10 min on night one and slept for 4 hours straight. CIO does not work for naps though.

Any suggestions on ending nursing to sleep?
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Re: Stop nursing to sleep tips?

  • It's kind of hit and miss if DH would be home in time. When I have had DH go in MOTN, LO just cries and pushes away. Should DH be doing something differently then holding/rocking? As that only seems to anger LO more!
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    Thank you! Did it work for naps too?
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  • In addition to Dad putting down, can you have a few nights out so that you're not even in the house at bedtime? (night out with friends, errand running, etc.). If your're not there, he can't nurse. After a few nights of this, maybe he would get into his new routine a bit easier. I haven't had to go through this yet, but have heard my friends doing this. I also remember reading of 1 woman who, as a back up, put bandaids on her nipples and told her LO that they were broken! LOL!!!!!
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