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Pressure Vests-Insurance Covered?

DS has been trying out a weighted pressure vest with his Early Intervention OT.  Has anyone ever had their insurance cover the cost of purchasing one?

Re: Pressure Vests-Insurance Covered?

  • I do not have an answer for you but just another perspective from the OT we are using.  This could be a matter of opinion, but my OT only wanted my son using the pressure vest in small intervals.  What amount of time did they suggest your DS to wear it?  According to my OT, kids can get used to the weight and its benefits can wear off after a while if used too much. 

    She suggested that I look into this tight type of shirt (sorry can't remember the name) but the kids can wear it all day and it basically does the same thing.  It applies pressure with this special material and the effects do not usually wear off when used in long intervals like a vest might.  The only problem is that they are expensive for what they are -- about $150.  I am about to buy one, but like anything, it may or may not work for your child.  We are using a small under-armour shirt when he goes to preschool-- basically same concept just not nearly as tight.  Hope this helps even thought its not exactly what you asked.

    If I was you, I would just call your insurance.  Mine was great about explaining what they would and wouldn't cover.  I was in tears when I called because I got a high bill in January and wasn't aware that last year I had a deductable and met it without realizing it.  I thought that since it was January maybe the terms of my coverage had changed and I had a minor freakout.  Turns out I just needed to hit the deductable and then my cost of OT per week would go down to what i was used to paying.

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  • Ok, so I looked its called SPIO. Its comimage

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  • Ok, forgive me, I have never actually tried to PIP anything.  Hopefully you can see it Fredalina.  If you can't, it is basically a very advanced fabric that gives compression.  You have to be measured carefully for a good fit and its $129+ cost.  Right now DS has an underarmour but it isn't tight enough because its a XS size 4 and he is really between a 3T-4T. Its too bad it is not tight enough to be more effective but we are doing it right now while I decide if I want to try the real thing.  I guess rash guards can do the same thing too if tight enough. 

    This SPIO just has a unique fabric and my mom was able to try it in a glove version when she went to an Autism conference that came into town over the summer.  She told me it was really cool.  The lady that did the conference talk said she didn't endorse it formally but wanted to show it so people may want to look into that possibility especially since it is so expensive.  I don't know why I am hesitating so much.  Its not like we don't spend money on tons of other stuff all the time for him.  Its only money right :)  ??

  • If you go to the SPIO site, it tells you where you can go to get it covered by insurance. I am talking to our pedi about it later today and bringing the card of our orthodist who all can get the spio for us and bill our insurance as it is a DME. 

    DD has been wearing one on loan from our feeding therapist and it really helps to organize her eating and support her trunk. (Apparently the toddler planking we have been doing is not effective core exercise - i kid we only planked a few times). Good luck. 

    I also looked into getting her a leotard, but the whole wearing it all the time and dealing with taking it off for diaper changes is way too daunting and I think rash guards are not heavy enough. 

  • My son has no DX and did well with Spio. It was not covered by our insurance. We have BCBS, medicaid, and Childrens with special health needs and none of them covered it.

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