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LO 1st birthday Large Cupcake Pan

I have purchased an oversized cupcake pan and have mastered the cake in the pan with box mix. NOW we will be using a healthy recipe with bananas and applesauce and im not sure if i should adjust the timnig for the pan? i have not done a trial for this yet and just want to make sure i dont burn it...suggestions?

Re: LO 1st birthday Large Cupcake Pan

  • Sorry I can't help but just wanted to tell you that I love the idea.
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  • We used that for my ds & will do the same with dd but we used a cake mix. Ds only ate the icing so I wasn't worried about it. But sorry I have no advice for what you are using. Good luck
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  • The regular box cake upsets her stomach.
  • Id say just to practice some & see what happens. Good luck!
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    Cake is usually done when the internal temp reaches about 210. What about using an instant read thermometer?

    ETA: Can I get that recipe? :-)
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