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  • AW! You all are too cute.  GL ladies!  

  • Congrats ladies and H&H 9 months!


    Also- GL to those in the tww- hopefully lots of O14 babies!

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  • ADH0906 said:

    @wishiwaspreggo FX for you... I think I might be the only O14 person here?  Oh god, oh god....


    I think you are the first! Congrats!!!!

                                        Lilypie - (JNST)image
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    trackgirlparis[Deleted User]SweetCFlyAjoyd
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    I got my bfp this time last year and this thread is making me seriously nostalgic and want another lol. Seeing as I'm not crazy enough to try again with a 3-4 month old, I'll just congratulate you all :)

    *TTC since July 2010
    *BFP #1- 11/12/12, m/c 11/16/12 @ 6 weeks
    *BFP #2- 1/23/13 EDD 10/4/13  

    *Emma Rose: 10/8/13

    *BFP #3- EDD 03/9/16

    March '16 December Siggy Challenge- Favorite Christmas Movie/Quote
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  • Ha thanks for that! I am not super gif savy!
  • This is so exciting! Thanks for the words of wisdom!
    Me: 37
    MH: 37
    Married for 6 1/2 years (in nursing school for first five)
    TTC since 10/2012
    HSG in April, 2013 - clear
    August, 2013 - started Clomid 50mg - day 23 labs were optimal - BFN
    September, 2013 - repeated Clomid 50mg - BFN
    October, 2013 - upped Clomid to 100mg - BFN
    November, 2013 - Repeating Clomid 100mg - BFN
    December, 2013 - Started Letrozole 2.5mg - BFN (but excellent progesterone levels!)
    January, 2014 - Repeated Letrozole 2.5mg - even better progesterone levels!! - 1/27/14 - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Our miracle, Jane Lauren, born 9/14/14, 5lbs, 5oz, 19" long.
    bkeane619trackgirlparis[Deleted User]
  • Hahaha love this !
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    bkeane619trackgirlparis[Deleted User]
  • ok here goes nothing... my first attempt! Thanks O13 ladies! image
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    trackgirlparis[Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • I don't think I've every laughed so hard. Some of these gifs are amazing.

    And crap, I guess I'm really going to learn how to make them.

    imageSoon to be San Diego Mommy! 

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