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Where did you get your crib & dresser?

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Hello! I'm sure there have been a ton of posts about his, but am needing help...

Looking for the best place, live in AZ, to look at and order a crib (converts to a toddler and full bed) and matching dresser. Looking to spend no more than $1000. Obviously, cheaper is better if the quality is there.

I've looked at BBB and BRU and have heard some not good things about each. Also, love the look of Pottery Barn but it's too spendy.

Hugs in advance!!!!

Re: Where did you get your crib & dresser?

  • We purchased the Pottery Barn "Kendall" crib, which is on sale for $399. First time email subscribers get 10% off on top of that, so we got it for $380 total. We also bought the matching universal changing table that has a few drawers and holds six medium baskets for $450 with the coupon :) It helps if you have a store near you, so you can save in shipping costs. That crib and changing table are usually in stock! Good luck!
  • We got ours at Behr's (not sure if they're local or a chain), but my parents were generous and took care of it for us.

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  • We got ours at Target. The brand is Simmons and its the Madisson collection crib and dresser. We love it although the dresser was a pain to put together. Ours was less than $700- got it on sale but not sure the price now.
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  • Ikea

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  • We got our crib and dresser at BBB. Love it!
  • We got all of our nursery furniture from Babies R Us.  The specific brand was Delta Bennington.  It comes in white and chocolate brown.  We got the chocolate brown and it looks great.  My husband just finished putting everything together today.  The dresser was the only piece that took him a while to assemble.

  • Our furniture is storkcraft on Amazon. Great prices and you get it in less than two weeks, unlike the 8 to 12 from baby stores
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    We ordered from wayfair.com. We got both for under $500. Plus free and fast shipping. I am a huge fan having made multiple larger purchases.
  • Wal mart. Got the crib, changing table and dresser for around $450. The crib is Davinci Anastasia and then I got a dresser and changing table that matched each other and pretty much matched the crib.
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  • Ours is also Storkcraft. We ordered the dresser from Meijer and the crib from Target with coupons, but the price was pretty much the same at Amazon, Babies R Us, etc.
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  • Planning on ikea.. Sometime in the next two weeks
    (Procrastination at its best)
  • We got our crib from ikea. We want a simple nursery so we got a basic European crib with no frills. We'll be painting it grey to go with or nursery colors. Our dresser was DH growing up. We'll also be painting this grey & putting on new hardware.
  • For DS we got one at a rummage sale. This time, we'll be heading to Ikea. They have an awesome one for $110ish.
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  • We got our crib from Target it was around 190, and we are going to IKEA next weekend to pick up a dresser that will also be used as the changing table, a couple book shelves and hopefully some closet organization tools. Kinda excited the holidays have come and gone and we can really focus on the nursery now :)
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  • We got our nursery furniture from Shopko.
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  • We got our crib from pottery barn kids. Dresser is antique, we will just add changing pad/pillow
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  • I liked the Larkin Pottery Barn crib but not the price... but the Kendall is much better priced AND on sale now so I think we'll be getting that one.  Also plan on picking up a dresser at a thrift store/rummage sale and painting it ourselves... I'm short so I want to make sure the dresser isn't too high for a changing table for when I'm barefoot! :-)
  • Oh, and my coworker gave me a crib mattress saying they'd barely used it with their second daughter.  I assume all cribs are the same size????
  • For my twins I got "davinci" brand from Amazon. 2.5 years and 2 wild toddlers later, these cribs have stood the test of time. And they are dirt cheap.

    Baby #3 also got a Davinci crib. The Kalani I ordered also came with a toddler rail which is awesome.

    I also ordered got their dresses/changing table from davinci (through amazon) and while I really have no complaints because of the price, the drawers are sort of cheap. The bottom part slides out a lot and I have to wedge it back in in order to open the drawer (if that makes sense). But I'd still recommend the brand.
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  • When I get around to buying them, crib will come from amazon (I saw it at BRU first) and the dresser will come from ikea.
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  • We got our crib (davinci kalani) from amazon. Free, fast shipping. We haven't gotten a dresser yet but plan on getting the matching one on amazon as well.
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  • My parents bought my sister the pottery barn white Dana crib and diaper changer in 2004. She saved for me. I called pottery barn to get a hinge and piece to make non drop side. Instead they are upgrading me, free if charge, to Kendall. Talk about service! So even paying more up front (my parents with intention all grandchildren could use), you are backed by service. All we have to do is send old crib back in prepaid box. For the dresser and side table, I am using existing pine furniture I had in guest room. Tying the two together with pink and green knobs. And now I don't feel guilty that we spent $$ on chocolate brown glider:)
  • We got ours at Target. The brand is Simmons and its the Madisson collection crib and dresser. We love it although the dresser was a pain to put together. Ours was less than $700- got it on sale but not sure the price now.


    Exactly this.

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  • We got the Baby Appleseed Davenport crib that converts to a full size bed, dresser, and night stand from Buy Buy Baby.
  • We got the Graco Victoria crib from Target. It doesn't have a matching dresser, so we went with the Delta Bently 6 drawer dresser, also from Target. Both look amazing, and the dresser is SOLID and sturdy.

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  • I'm in AZ too! :) we actually Just bought our crib today. Buy buy baby had the biggest selection - we ended up getting the Jefferson collection by Munire. It's beautiful, like a dark wood with a gray finish. The thing I like about buy buy baby is that you can use your 20% off coupons from bed bath and beyond on the furniture there, so we ended up getting 20% off the crib and the dresser which was huge. They deliver in 2 weeks so excited :) great quality and it is a convertible crib which we were looking for as well.

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  • We got the white Kendall crib from bru cause it was half off of 399. Ikea dresser we got with a discount came to 280. So both pieces totalled under 500 including taxes etc. glider is gonna cost us 300 and the linens (crib sheet, skirt, drapes) I plan on making so hopefully with the money we save we can splurge on a gorgeous rug I fell in love with at pottery barn.
  • My crib came from my sister and was already a fixed side crib. My dresser came from Ashley furniture store and was a gift from my MIL. We picked it out and love it and the big girl beds that match it for later.
  • Our crib came from K-MART (it was $150).  Our changing table came from Babies R Us. (It was $120 on clearance).  And we just ordered our dresser, also from Babies R Us (and it was $170 with shipping included).  So total we spent $440 on her nursery furniture.  FTM here so I really didn't know what brands were best, or things like that. I just went off of reviews and tried to get the best deal, so I shopped around alot.  And everything matches perfectly even though it wasn't a set already. 

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  • We will be purchasing these items from Ikea. Baby is going to Co-sleep for the first few months so we probably won't buy anything until the time comes.
  • We got our crib from Amazon. There are TONS of options on there. I am being so lazy and have not picked out a dresser yet.. I should probably get on that.
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  • We got the Delta Bently crib and dresser from Target. It is well made and has held up with dd. We will use it with this kiddo also.

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  • Baby will get my current dresser (we are upgrading our whole bedroom to a matching set, yay!) and we will eventually get a crib to match. Maybe one of the davinci ones on amazon. For the first few months at least he will sleep in our room in a PNP.
  • @ohiorideresq almost bought that crib! Love the gray so pretty, we went with a gray scheme in the room and thought a gray crib would be overdoing it but I loved it, good choice :)

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    We got the Kendall crib from PBK using the 10% coupon that @nisnyder mentioned.  We have a Pottery Barn outlet near us, so we were actually able to get a matching changing table for almost $300 less than in the store.  I highly recommend checking out the outlets near you if you have one! 
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  • I wanted Pottery Barn...but I ended up really liking the madisson at Target...much cheaper and just as sturdy from what I can tell

    We haven't bought it yet though
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  • Got the crib at IKEA, and didn't get a dresser but instead a closet (built ins don't exist here) and planned out all the organization inside of it. I wish I had such a nice closet for DH and me!
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  • Her dresser is from Ikea and I'm pretty sure we're getting her crib from BRU. Both white.
    DS's crib is from BRU and dresser from ikea. No complaints.
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