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When and how to get in workouts

Hey ladies

  My baby has just turned one, I have been back to work full time for the last month.  I have been able to lose the weight that I gained while pregnant through watching my diet, breast feeding and working out regularly while I was on maternity leave.  Now that I am back at work I am finding it really hard to get in workouts and activity.  I am already up at 5 to start my day not home till just after 5 and baby is in bed by 7.    I am finding that in the evening after I have done the bed time routine for my daughter I am exhausted with lil to no energy.  So far I have just been taking the stairs at work in the am and when I remember through out the day.  I am feeling streached really thin but know that I will gain weight without more exercise.  What do you ladies do any suggestions


Re: When and how to get in workouts

  • I know you said you were already tired after a long day & bedtime routine- but maybe start slow & go to the gym or do workout DVDs once or twice a week. Just to see how you feel. Then add more days if you are feeling up for it. 

    What do you do on weekends? Perhaps take DD for a bike ride? Long walk? 

    I know what you mean though- After all is said & done by the end of the day the last thing you want to do is workout. Totally get it. 

    Is DD up at 5? Or are you up getting ready? No time to do a quick workout? 
  • Whenever you take a bathroom break do about 25 squats. Next break do 25 wall push ups. If you have space do lunges in place.
  • I would start by working out Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. On the weekends, you will have more time to do something, whatever it is you enjoy. Vigorous strength training gives you the most bang for buck. On wednesday evenings, schedule something, starting small. Power walk, jog, bike ride, a 30 minute tape. Good luck!
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    I work out during lunch hr. I have an energy bar at around 11:30 so I'm not too hungry at noon. I started out doing 30 minute workouts every week day to get myself used to it. Then I could up it to 50 minutes. Sometimes it was just a walk/jogging, sometimes I brought my DVD player and a workout DVD to do at my office. It's become a habit now (after almost a year) where I don't even think about it - I just to it. I do a quick freshen up with bath wipes (got these online), and eat my lunch (i bring lunch from home, usually a sandwich, or green smoothie so they are quick to eat). The best part is that it's out of the way so when I go home, I just relax. Also, anything you do on the weekend will just be a bonus.

    Good luck, it's tough to get into a fitness routine with LO but you will find something that works for you with trial and error.
  • I know the feeling of wanting to collapse on the couch as soon as the baby is in bed.  It is rough working out after work/dinner/baby bedtime!  But at the same time, it's the perfect time to do it - because you have the time.  (Now you just need the motivation!)

    Aim small.  30 minutes.  You'll be done by 7:30pm!  you can find 30 minute workouts online, or if you have - on demand on your television.  Or order some videos.  (I know most of the Jillian Michaels stuff is 30 minutes)

    If even that sounds like too much, try some television workouts.  Do you have a favorite show you watch?  Google the name of the show and "workout" and I bet you'll find a workout that's based on it.  They're like drinking games, but exercise based.  So instead of drinking everytime a character says a phrase, you do 10 burpees, or 25 situps.  As an example, here's one from a show I watch:

    It gets easier when they get a bit older.  Around 21/22 months I stopped breastfeeding and DH started putting the little guy to bed, so I use that time to go to the gym for a longer workout.
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  • I went back to work just before DD's first birthday and I have been finding it tough.  I think it is best to set a realistic goal...like going out for a work out twice a week.  I go to yoga classes or jogging a couple times a week and DH will hang out with DD.  The other days, I try to do something active.  For example, I'll go for a walk on my lunch.  I do outings with DD that are active...swimming, parks etc.

    There are lots of work out DVDs under half an hour, so those are great when you need to squeeze something in - you could do them in the morning, at lunch (if you have a space) or while dinner is in the oven.
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  • I agree with finding a workout DVD that's 30 min or less. You can also find workouts online or on Instagram. HIIT workouts are usually 20-30 minutes and they are tons better than normal cardio. I'm a SAHM but I hardly have the time. I'm up at 530 getting DS1 ready for school, then once he's off and DH is at work, I'm chasing my 13 month old around. He won't nap in his bed, so he naps next to me on the couch so I can't workout while he sleeps. The only time I have is when DS1 gets home from school. I don't like to have DS1 in charge of DS2 for too long so I do HIIT or Tabata workouts. None of my workouts are more than 35 minutes long. 

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