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Pumping at Children's Museum

Hey! I have a question for anyone (particularly teachers) on here who has been ton the Children's Museum of Indy. This week I am going on a field trip there with my third graders and I am nervous about how I am going to handle pumping and keeping my milk cool (it is about a 2 hour bus ride). Anyone else done a field trip while pumping? I am planning on bringing a little insulated bag with ice packs for my milk.. I hope that will be enough. Does anyone who has been to the Children's Museum know how private their accomodations for nursing/pumping moms are? I know they do have a nursing area...I just really don't want to be in view of my students (even if I am under a cover). I tried calling but apparently they are closed today. I feel like what should be a fun day is just going to end up being a pain!

Any and all advice is appreciated. I am stressing over it.
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Re: Pumping at Children's Museum

  • I've never been in the nursing area, last time i was there i didn't have my son yet... but I would think if worst came to worst, maybe you could use one of the family restrooms?  Not the most comfortable for pumping but you wouldn't have to worry about your students.  I would think that since they're a children's museum that they'd be more then willing to work with you, maybe you can find someone to ask first thing when you get there.  Good luck, I hope it all works out well for you!
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  • They just re-did Playscape, their 5-and-under area and that's where the nursing room is.  I haven't been to see it since it re-opened but I'm assuming it was re-done as well.  

    I seem to remember their old nursing room being a comfy area but not very private, although it was behind a door so hopefully you'd just be in the company of other moms and be away from prying eyes of 3rd graders.
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  • So this reply is too late for OP, but in case anyone else is interested I was just there last weekend and used the new mother's room. It has three private nursing rooms within so you get a room all to yourself and it has a glider and toys if you have a toddler to entertain. I thought it was great!
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  • Also FYI, The Indianapolis Zoo is similar and very nice!
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