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How will you style your hair for labor?


Re: How will you style your hair for labor?

  • Sweetie you are not crazy! With my first delivery I threw my hair in a ponytail and I looked a hot sloppy mess! For my second I curled my hair and applied make up. I feel better looking back at those pictures and I had a natural delivery. For those that feel they will need a ponytail go right right ahead, that's fine too, but just because you want to primp up beforehand does not make u crazy!
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  • hsalhsal member

    I can understand your want of looking good, I did too. once  hit 37 weeks, I showered every night and kept up on shaving my legs and down there because I was so self conscious of what I would look like...

    The contractions were terrible for me, I had complete back labor and the thing that soothed me was pulling out my ponytail and retying it up, can you say snarled mess by the end of the three hours of labor... thank GOD it wasnt longer!!

    That being said, I was too busy pushing to even notice that my mom had been taking pictures.  I only had her and DH in the room and honestly 98% of the pictures were of LO coming out, LO getting her cord cut, the doctor handing LO to DH and maybe 3 pictures of us as a family immediately after.  I didnt even care what I looked like.. and this si coming from someone who changes their clothes 4 times before leaving the house because I scurtinnize the way I look....

    I delievered at 4 am and in the morning I showered and washed up before anyone else came in.  And most of their pictures are of THEM holding the baby, not me!

     Go with a ponytail and get used to it because those first couple weeks you'll be lucky if you're awake enough to take a shower! GL!

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  • Don't be rude some of us actually so care what we look like. I don't see anything wrong with that.
  • Ugh, rude, sorry some of us actually do give a **** about how we look. I see nothing wrong with that.
  • First of all, I don't think you are crazy for wanting to look decent for labor&delivery. In fact I feel the same way, I know maybe at the moment You won't care or be thinking about how your hair/makeup looks and it can be a messy and painful situation but I see nothing wrong with at least trying to look a little decent for pictures. This is a special time your life that you want to look back on and feel good about when you see those pics.
    As for the hairstyle I would say do a side swept French braid, a cute pony tail or messy bun, or go with both and do a braid across your hairline to keep hair out of your face and just pull the rest back in a pony tail.
  • Probably a usual. If I have time when labor starts and its not too intense at first then I will take a shower so I don't look greasy in pics. That's about as much prep as I'm planning. 



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  • Ah, that was entertaining.
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • Meery82 said:
    Ah, that was entertaining.
    @Meery82 Like the gown thread, right? Haha!

  • Meery82 said:
    Ah, that was entertaining.
    @Meery82 Like the gown thread, right? Haha!

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  • Agree with pony tail comments. I found that I wanted it really high so it wasn't digging into my head when I laid down. You will find what works for you.
  • Lol at this thread being bumped after TWO YEARS.
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  • Why did this thread get brought up again if it was 2 yrs old?

    At any rate, it was a semi-valid concern of mine bc I have thick, curly hair that knots and tangles easily.  Last thing I want is to be sitting in a hospital bed for 2 days w a rats nest on my head.  I was just planning on flat ironing it before going to the hospital.  And that way I can just clip it back and have it off my face for labor.

    Ive never had a baby before, but I have previously had a surgery were I was under GA.  So before my surgery day, I had my hair washed and blown out.  It was nice not having to worry about it being nasty while I was recovering (and not able to shower yet).


  • I was in the hospital recovering from the birth of my now 2 year old when this thread was written.

    Anyway, there is a difference between needing to get hair up and out of the way and wanting to be all prettied up during labor.

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  • Lets put it like this...after you've had a really bad stomach flu...what does your hair look like? After having my daughter, my hair was pretty much sweat and vomit caked to my face...if I would have had time in between contractions and throwing up to even push my hair out of my face...I don't even know that I would have. That being said, my hair will be out of my face with a headband and that's the extent of effort. As for make-up....I really doubt that would even still be on there after 18 hours of labor. Trust me, that shower afterwards is well worth it. I brought my blow dryer to the hospital after my daughter was born and didn't care enough to even use that. LOL.
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  • I must be really vain, I have been thinking about this a lot! 
    My hair is gross. It is half curly, half wavy, very dry and frizzy. It is really thick, a big crazy mess. However, it blow-waves straight really well. 
    I plan on spending a lot of time laboring in the bath/shower. I think I am going to get one if the girls at work (I work in a hair salon, so maybe that explains my crazy?) To either French braid it, or French braid the front and I'll pony tail the back. I hope to keep a shower cap on in the shower. I don't mind if it gets a little wet, but my hair takes about 8 hours to dry. We are only allowed at the birthing hospital for 2 hours after birth before we have to transfer, I just don't want wet crazy mofo hair.

    I also plan on cut and colour and keratin treatment the week I am due. no I am not kidding. I hate my fucking hair, the more I can do to get it nice, the better! I have also enlisted a couple of friends to blow wave it for me at the maternity hospital when they visit those first couple of days.

    Also if any hair dressers visit me at home, they will be putting the ghds through my hair. I don't care about make up nearly as much as my gross hair. I hope I all made you laugh and think I'm crazy haha!
  • I'm thinking of going with a madwoman look, myself. :P

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  • My hair was the last thing on my mind while in labor. Our Nikon was laying out so the nurse grabbed it post-delivery and took plenty of pictures. I looked like a hot mess - sweaty, swollen, and exhausted. But honestly, I loved it because it showed the realness of labor and delivery.
  • Oh Jesus, is all I can say about this post. Seriously, the last thing you are going to care about is styling your hair after you have a baby...
  • I think I got my haircut about 2 weeks before I delivered.  I didn't give my hair another thought until the day after I delivered and I shuffled into the bathroom from my hospital bed to take a shower, caught a glance in the mirror and didn't recognize myself.  Honestly, when I look at pictures from the hospital, all I can think is, "[DD] was so tiny and new!".  I don't give a crap what I look like in the pictures.
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  • This is from 2 years ago seriously how do people find this and resurect it
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  • I'm going in for my 3rd RCS, I'm getting my hair colored 2 days before (since I'm going on maternity leave 2 days before baby #3 is born, it's my treat to myself) and I'm going to throw it in a french braid the morning of surgery, easy to lay on, wont get all knotted & easy enough to let down when I'm ready...
  • Totally going to have someone come and do my hair and makeup while I'm sitting there in labor :) something like this maybe? ;) lol
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  • I am just lurking, but with my son i washed it and put it in a french braid, it was out of the way, stayed nice an tangle free, and after when i took it down is was soft and wavy... Good luck!

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  • With my first, I was the same as you! I wanted to look and feel as cute as possible. Ha ha!
    I don't think you're being vain - you should look as good you want/can during an uncomfortable time!
    I never wear my hair up but after being induced and dealing with back labor I put it up in a ponytail. I was so sweaty and gross and didn't care!
    My husband and I are the only ones that saw the pics of me and baby right after she was born - I was a mess!

    There's nothing wrong with caring about how you look...

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  • Forgot to add that this time around I'll be wearing a ponytail :)
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  • I have thick, wavy hair that is past my waist.  I was in heavy labor with my first for 50 hours before I was forced to get a c-section, and I spent the entire 3 days with my hair french braided.  It kept it off my face, out of the way, and I could lay down without a lump on the back of my head.  By the end it did not look as good as when I fixed it, but I looked presentable and I plan to do the same thing when I head to the hospital this time around.  I don't think that trying to be prepared and make yourself feel good in every way possible is a bad idea. 
  • I was really glad to see this post....I've been wondering the best way to keep my hair out of my face and still look semi-cute at the same time. After reading all of these posts I'm thinking back with a cute headband. FYI, no you really don't care what your hair looks like during later, but you may care later when looking back at pictures. I know looking at pics of me during my 1st, I wish Id cared just a tad hair was CRAZY messy!
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  • I have super curly and long hair. With my first I straightened it and threw it up in a messy bun and put on my nerd glasses, something that was simple and a little cute, it worked out pretty well, and I think that is what i'll probably do again this time around with my second daughter

  • If i remember correctly i looked like i'd been hit by a car after i had my daughter. After writhing in pain for a few (many) hours you will not care about your hair. In fact you may have ripped some of it out accidently during contractions.
  • Top knot or braid with headband!  I'm thinking once I see the baby, my hair and everything else will be the last thought on my mind.
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  • I'm with you I'm 35 weeks with my third baby and I will do the same thing I did with my first two I have frizzy hair so I'll straighten my hair then put  it up in a messy bun with a thick cotton head band to keep my fly-a-ways outta my face, and I'm having natural child birth, no planned c-section. you'll have time to do your hair before going into labor and as for make-up ill also have it on simple though cover-up, eye liner, and don't forget the chap stick your lips will get chapped. congratulations 
  • Why on earth would you have photos taken DURING labour? The last thing I want when I'm in labour is my husband sticking a camera in my face! 

    I honestly cant remember what my hair was like when I had my son -probably just stuck in a ponytail- and I would imagine i'll do the same this time around.
  • I don't think you're being vain at all.  As someone else who has long, thick hair this has crossed my mind as well.  I don't want to be pulling my hair back and re-doing my pony tail time and time again throughout labor.  I totally sympathize and am thinking a braided bun.  While I know it won't look perfect after laboring, it will be more secure than just a ponytail!
  • I plan on going to the salon and getting a full up-do before heading to the hospital.
  • I'm putting in extensions... just to look exactly like the Kardashians giving birth because EVERYONE will want to see me giving birth beautifully.... ;P
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