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Hi all! I don't normally post much, mostly just lurk and borrow some advice when needed. I don't really know where to start. Mostly, I feel like I have been struggling with some PPD and I just feel so overwhelmed I don't know where to start or what my first step should be. Taking meds make me nervous for some reason. Probably because I'm a control freak and feeling like I don't have control over my body scares me A LOT! After doing a lot of research and talking to my husband I feel like I need to do something. So my question is have any of you ladies struggling with depression used therapy, and if so has it been successful? TIA!!

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  • Not PPD, but two of my friends who have suffered from anxiety all of their lives recently begin to take medication and both have said it was the best thing they've ever done. One also sees a therapist on a regular basis. Talking may be all that you need but don't be afraid of the medication, which there are also lots of options for. Feel better soon!
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  • I asked my family doctor for a recommendation and went to that therapist. I am on meds (since I was a teenager) and still greatly benefited from therapy. You have to find a therapist that is a good match for you, but if you find one it is invaluable. Most insurance covers mental health benefits. I would definitely look into it. GL!
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  • Therapy has always been hit or miss with me, and I have been in it off and on for 15 years.

    I have ppd and anxiety, and I'm 10 weeks pp. I just saw my doctor an hour ago and we are going to switch my meds as the wellbutrin isn't doing enough.

    If meds are suggested for you, take them. It hopefully won't be for forever.

    Good luck!

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  • I think you're wise to try therapy before medication. Medication can seriously help, but sometimes talking is all you need. I would seek some therapy ASAP. I say this both as someone who has greatly benefitted from therapy and as a therapist myself.

  • I have a 7 month and started really struggling with PPD and anxiety when he was 3 months.  I'm just starting to feel better. I finally got help, and started taking meds and going to therapy. The meds really helped with my anxiety, and therapy really helped me to see that most of what I was going through was normal and I was being to hard on myself. I really suggest reaching out for help (husband, family members, good friends, and doctors)  Once I finally started feeling better I got to enjoy motherhood. 

    Hang in there and please know that it does get better!!! Don't be afraid to get help. 

  • I've been going through the same and did not want to take medication either. i was recommended by a midwife to to take supplements. Make sure you're still taking your prenatals and add evening primrose oil, fish oil, and St. John's wort (can take St. John wort daily or just when you need a boost). Talk to your dr if you want but they have really helped me get back on track. It does get better...I didn't have as much ppd with my first but this one I have. Try it. And be open and honest to people so you can get the support you need! Good luck!!!
  • I suffered with PPD after my little one was born. Having also had a previous issue with anxiety a few years prior I found the best treatment for me was a combination of both medication and therapy.  Although I too was apprehensive about the medication, I eventually went on it and saw a great improvement over just doing therapy alone. Also don't be afraid to talk to others - especially other moms - they know what you're going through.

    Be nice to yourself and know that it will get better! 
  • I suffered with PPA literally the second LO was born. I've never gone through anxiety before and had no idea how to deal. I spent the first 9 weeks of maternity leave and being a new mom in panic attacks and pure dark misery. I finally opened up knowing that there was something wrong and wanted out of it. Like you, I wanted medication to be the very last resort. I was having anxiety attacks thinking about having to wean off of them before even getting on them! So I went the natural supplement route (multivitamins, fish oil, 5HTP, L-theanine, etc.) and saw a therapist. Therapy helped immensely, along with the supplements. I started feeling a little normal as each day passed.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting on medication though! Natural supplements may not work for everyone, especially if PPD/PPA is severe. My therapist suggested I give Zoloft a try to take the edge off. At that time, I figured I would give myself another week or two to see how I progressed. I started feeling better and didn't feel the need. But I would've had no problem getting on medication if necessary. 

    It really does get better, I promise! Just make sure you reach out to your husband, family, OB and let them know how you're feeling and get the proper treatment right away.
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