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6 wks & sharp pains

Hi I'm kinda scared but not sure if its normal. I am having having sharp pains that come and go on each side. I go to the doc Monday...should I be worried? ?

Re: 6 wks & sharp pains

  • Thank you @snuff9861. I truly have been blessed there hasn't been any bleeding. I just get scared easily.
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  • I do the same thing.
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  • I had tons of weird feelings between weeks 4-7. Everything is probably just stretching and growing :)
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  • snuff9861 said:
    I think we can all relate to that. Every time I feel something I run to the bathroom to make sure I'm not bleeding. 

    I do that too. After mc last year I run to the br just to make sure.
  • I'm starting to wonder if it's not gas pains /constipation because its really only on my left side. Also I have pcos so I'm just a little scared. Thank you everyone..I dont feel so alone. Ps:I have my first ob appt tomorrow please pray for my DH and I + our blessing
  • Please let us know what doctor says about gas pains. I've had them bad to the point where the pain makes me almost puke and pass out and I'm not sure what yo do
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  • I [email protected] crushme8602...I promise because these pains hurt.
  • No you should be fine happened to me around then now 12 weeks everything is still normal

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  • I have been feeling the same thing. I think it's a good sign that baby is growing in there!
  • My doctor said the gas pains can be from constipation and to try metamucil or yogurt & that should ease the pain from constipation and decrease the gas pains
  • Sounds normal to me.
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  • Thank you!! I went to the doc today and heard the heart beat. It was at 114 & the doctor said that's really good. So now I'm not too concerned with the pains also because I am having constipation.
  • Glad to hear that. I just wanted to add that I had some not so comfortable pain most on my right side at exactly 6 weeks with brown/red spotting. Had a u/s and everything was fine. Spotting has continued (still brownish) and no more pain. Doc isn't worried about it. I guess it's all a spectrum.


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