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?'s:babymoon and when to tell work

2 questions for you ladies today.

1 -Are any of you planning on a babymoon? If so, where are you going and how far along will you be at the time?  I would like to go somewhere in December before Christmas holiday.  I will be estimated 20 weeks at that time.  I hear 2nd tri is the best time to go.

2- When do you think it's appropriate to let work know about being pregnant?  I'm not sure when to tell....all I know is that in my contract it does specify if I have decided to quit I do need to give 6 months notice which seems like a loooooong time.  I'm not planning on quitting, just maternity leave.  I was initially thinking of letting them know at 20 weeks but thought then maybe that would be "too late" ...?

Also, I graduated yesterday from RE!!!! I was measuring 8w1d and the little gummi bear had a HB of 167.  I'm so excited that I've also graduated from PIO- now onto chronic vag discharge from the endometrin x 2 weeks!

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Re: ?'s:babymoon and when to tell work

  • I'm not sure if we are doing a babymoon this time.  Last time, MH had a business trip in Malaysia when I was 24 weeks.  I met him over there and considered that our babymoon.  It was a good time to go, I was finally over feeling sick and food aversions, but not huge yet.

    Last time I waited to tell my boss until I was 16 weeks.  I didn't tell my coworkers until 20 weeks, when it was obvious that I was KU.  This time I will probably tell at 12 weeks.  I'm in a much more understanding and caring environment, plus I'm SO SICK so I'd like to give them an excuse for my slacking.

    Congrats on your graduation, and on being done with PIO!  What a milestone day!
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  • Congrat's on graduation! I told my co-workers when I could no longer hide it, it really depends on the relationship you have with your boss/co-workers & your comfort level. No babymoon here but 20 weeks sounds like a good plan :)
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  • I am trying to wait until after a big rush at work. I think I will be about 18 weeks. It depends on how much I am showing though. 

    Congrats on graduating! My RE let me choose between staying on PIO or switching to endometrium. I chose to stay on PIO. If you get to choose I wouldn't suggest switching! 

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    We didn't babymoon. :( We waited too long, so around 20 weeks would be good timing.

    I checked with HR and they didn't specify a timeframe, so I waited until I was showing.  I didn't tell my work until 7 months, but we just acquired a company and I wanted the dust to settle before I made any big announcements.

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  • I am going to Barbados in a few weeks and will be in week 19. I've told a few people at work and just told my supervisor yesterday. She's announcing it at our team meeting tomorrow. I'm in my 16th week

  • My boss knows because I let her know about my treatments. Then I told her when I was spotting a couple weeks ago and missed a bunch of work. I think I will officially tell her and my colleagues when I possibly can't hide it anymore. 

    We are planning on a babymoon, for sure. I think we are going to go somewhere warm in December before the holidays. I'll be about 18-20 weeks depending on when we go. Somewhere my DH can scuba dive and I can lay on the beach. We've actually been planning this trip for a several years, but due to money, moving, miscarriage, and fertility treatments, it kept getting pushed back. I'm so happy we can finally go.
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  • We babymooned when I was 17 weeks. I am not working currently, but I honestly don't think I could have waited until 20 weeks. I was showing enough around 14 weeks that I couldn't have hid my pregnancy in work clothes, only baggy sweatshirts!
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  • We went on a baby moon to Ireland when I was around 25/26 weeks.  I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy and wasn't too big at this point so it worked out well for us.  The plane ride was a little rough sitting in one spot for so long, but manageable. 

    I told work around 14 weeks because both myself and one lady that I manage are due the same week - which means we are both out on leave during the busiest time of our year - so I wanted to give my boss/group plenty of heads up.  

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  • I think we will do a babymoon, but due to my teaching schedule it may not be possible to do a trip until I'm about 27/28 weeks. Do you all think that's too late? We are planning to go to Mexico with some good friends...probably Sayulita and/or Punta Mita. :-)

    I have no CLUE when to tell work. Probably at the end of October when I am after the 12 week mark. I am hoping to take a long leave May-November, so they will need to plan ahead and likely adjust my pay for next year accordingly since I will take some unpaid leave.
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  • Congrats on graduating!!

    I told work at 12 weeks.  I was starting to not be able to hide it already and I just gave up. 

    As for a babymoon, we are having one, but it was a pre-planned trip to Europe because I'm in a wedding in December.  Time-wise it works out perfectly for us, but I maybe would prefer a nice warm beach over the December drizzle of London :)  But hey, that's a first world problem and I should get over it.

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  • 1 -Are any of you planning on a babymoon? If so, where are you going and how far along will you be at the time?

    We're not planning a baby moon. There's just too much going on. We went on vaca to FL at 15 weeks so I guess that counts. We're going camping this weekend which is a yearly thing for us. Other than that. I'm 22 weeks and don't want to travel much.

    2- When do you think it's appropriate to let work know about being pregnant?

    I told work at 12 weeks. I think whatever makes u feel comfortable.

    Congrats on moving on to OB. Beware, you do not have as many u/s as with the RE. But they take good care of you. Best of luck!!!!
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  • Thank you for all the kind words and input :)

    I think right now maybe i'll tell around 14 weeks?

    As for babymoon - I can't stand long plane rides(nothing more than 4 hours) so I was thinking maybe mexico?

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