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Baby shower venue in or near Des Moines?

Any ideas for where to host a baby shower in or near Des Moines this spring?  10-15 people plus a few kids under age 4 so somewhere small that is somewhat kid friendly.  I am open to having it at a restaurant as long as we could have a private room.  
A few appetizers and dessert (cupcakes or cake) are what I am thinking as far as what I want to serve for food. Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Re: Baby shower venue in or near Des Moines?

  • I've been checking into golf courses and hotels. They are reasonable.
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  • sometimes churches are pretty flexible even if you aren't a member, if the space is available.
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  • Jasper Winery. The kids could play outside on the patio. Great location.
  • I know in Ankeny Okoboji Grill and Wig and Pen have private party rooms that would easily accomodate a group that size.  Typically they want food ordered from their menus, but are flexible with options and you can bring in cake!


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  • I know this is an old thread, but just discovered that Ephemera, the adorable stationery store in the East Village, rents its back room (light/bright, high ceilings, cute space!) by the hour for showers and is very lax on what you bring as far as alcohol/food/etc. Just passing along! :)
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