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First Timers in Raleigh Looking for Bump Buddies

Hi Everyone, 

So bump buddy might be a lame term.... I am six weeks pregnant with my first and moved to Raleigh a few months ago. Would love to have a small group for new moms at any stage that want to chat or walk or do fun things in town. I work from home full time so have to organize my own social life. :)

Anyone in the same boat?

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Re: First Timers in Raleigh Looking for Bump Buddies

  • I'm in Durham and am 15 weeks ! I'd love to meet other mommies to be !
  • I am a first timer at 11 weeks with two step sons. Also interested in meeting other mommies to be.
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  • Hi! Im also a first timer.  Im 18 weeks now, due February 9, 2014.  None of my friends are pregnant or anywhere close to trying so I would also like to meet other new moms in the area.  I think it would be a good idea to meet for lunch somewhere or maybe a local lake to walk?  I am not currently working so I'm available anytime.
  • I'm due in Dec. Live in Raleigh by Triangle Town Center. Looking for a stay at home job. I currently work as a toddler teacher in a daycare. Been doing daycare for 18 years. Hubby says to maybe I should watch some kiddos at our place. Ha! I would LOVE to meet up with you all! Looking for other mommies to get to know. I feel so alone since my family lives in PA.
  • I'm a little late on this but I'm also newer to the area and am at 6 wks and think this sounds like a great idea!

  • I am also a first-timer due Feb 8, 2014 :)  Just moved to the area in May, live in the WF area.  Send me an email!  [email protected]
  • I'm a newly pregnant first-timer also, and I've been in the Raleigh area for a little over a year. This is a great idea! Send me an email too! [email protected]

  • I'm a first-timer too.  I'm due Jan 1, 2014 and live in Raleigh.  I'd love to meet-up with other new moms to be.
  • Hi I'm also a first timer (seems like the trend here ;) ), about 6 weeks along (estimated DD at the end of May 2014) and live in Raleigh near the Durham line. I moved to this the area about a year ago and most of my family and friends are in Massachusetts, so I would absolutely love to meet new friends, especially those going through this experience!  I currently work full-time but would love to meet up in the evenings or weekends.  Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] 
  • I'm a first-timer as well and am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I live in West Cary and would love to meet up with other soon-to-be moms in the area.
  • Hi all! First timer, 10 weeks, NC State student here :)
  • Hi all - going to be a first time mom as well, 23 weeks now and due Feb 20, 2014.  We moved down from NJ about 2 years ago and I'd LOVE to meet some other moms-to-be in the North Raleigh area.  Anyone interested in putting together a "mixer" or something so we can all get together sometime?  Maybe just a local coffee shop, etc.  Let me know if there's interest and maybe we can plan a meet and greet.
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    I was just thinking about this on the way home from work today... With the holidays around the corner it's going to be tough but I still think it'd be fun to get together sometime!

  • Also a first timer, live in Durham near Southpoint. I'm five weeks and like many of you, none of my friends are even close to this stage! Would love some bump buddies! [email protected]
  • Hi everyone, I'm a FTM too and am due January 11th.  I see this board started a long time ago but I hope people are still eyeing it.  I'm moving to Cary this Thanksgiving with DH for his job.  I will not be working until after LO arrives.  I plan to find a job in April or May.  I'd love to meet fellow Bumpies (made this word up...) and have friends in my new state.  Let me know if you are all planning a get together soon!  
    Mama of boys, Landon (Jan 14) and Harrison (Aug 15).  

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  • In case anyone is still checking/reading this board, I will organize a meet & greet.  I will send an email to anyone who listed it here already.  If you're interested in getting together email me at kheywood34 at gmail dot com.

    First time for me as well, expecting twins May 8.  :) 
  • Congrats on twins! Please include me on email to get together. Ftm due April 3rd. [email protected]
  • Twins - so exciting!  Please include me as well!  [email protected]  Thanks so much!!
  • I would love to be included. I just moved to Cary last weekend and want to meet fellow FTMs. My little boy is due January 11th. @aceboom I see you are due in January too! @kheywood34 I will email you to see if you are still organizing a meet up. Thanks for volunteering to do the leg work!
    Mama of boys, Landon (Jan 14) and Harrison (Aug 15).  

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  • I would love to participate. FTM due in April with a little girl! Durham area :)

  • I'm pretty late to this but I'm near Elon and Burlington. We just moved from PA where all my family lives. I have a 11 month old and a 3 year old-both girls. Id love to connect with moms in the area! I need friends haha. I'm 24, and have been a stay at home mom until recent-I'm also a part time personal trainer :)
  • I just discovered this post, and would love to receive to be included in any meet-up emails as well! I am 28 years old and pregnant with my first, due May 23, 2014. Plus I just moved to Durham (South Point area) just 3 weeks ago when my husband got a new job. I could definitely use some friends and support! My email is [email protected] - thank you!!
  • Hi Kate! Saw a solar post of your on another posting and wanted to reach out. I live right in between midtown and north raleigh and am also due with my first in august. Moved to this part of town not too long ago and interested in getting to know other moms or mom to be. Any interest in getting together for decaf or something tasty? My thought is somewhere in either north hills or Lafayette Village on a Sunday afternoon. If interested, shoot me an email at ericamishra at gmail. Com
  • I'm in Apex and I'm due August 4th with my first :D
  • Hello ladies!!

    I am in Fuquay Varina and due with my first baby July 28th!

    Married 11 years. PCOS; TTC since 2009; 3 unsuccessful IUIs;
    New RE. First & Hopefully Last IVF November 2013.
  • Hi all I live in Raleigh and am due with my first ( a little boy!) in July! I would love to meet some local ftm's 

  • I am 28, due June 7th with my first. Its a boy! I live in Cary.
    [email protected]
  • I also live in Cary. 29 y/o with a 2 y/I son and due august 18! [email protected]
  • I live in Morrisville, and my little one is now 7 months old. [email protected].

  • Anyone part of the l&d class at wake med?
  • hugs to you, kate - we can probably all use some friends, regardless, so I hope you hang around this thread (and wish you all the luck in the world)!  

    another latecomer, another FTM, 35 yo (eek) & expecting my little boy at the end of May.  Would love to join into any activities going on - we live in NW Raleigh off Leesville.  
  • Hey girls - new to the thread. I'm 28 and live in Raleigh. I'm due mid Sept. Anyone want to get some exercise around Lake Lynn or Lake Johnson sometime soon? It looks like it's about to get cold again this week but I have hope we'll see 60s and 70s again soon!! :)
  • I hope it's not too late - I live in Apex, am 25 and I'm due September 18 with my first!
  • im pregnant with my first baby as well 25 weeks.. and i would love to connect with some of you maybe we can even meet up of course .. this post is old most people have already had their little ones .. but for those of you who have not i will be contacting you!
  • sounds fun i have been so stiff it would be great 
  • Hi! I'm a 26 FTM; had my baby girl on February 5th. We live in Apex and would love to meet other moms and babies! If anyone would like to get together for a walk, lunch, or play date please feel free to reach out. My email is [email protected]
  • Hey everyone! I'm due September 10, 2014 with our first one :) just moved to north raleigh, would love to meet up with new MTB as well. Email me anytime. [email protected]
  • Hello ladies! I am due May 8th, 2014! It's getting closer! I am in north raleigh by triangle town center! Would love to meet with similar due date...
  • I'm in Durham(been here almost 4yrs), currently 16 weeks, FTM and hardly know anyone here. Anyone in Durham?
  • embncembnc member
    Hi!  I'm late to this post but am wondering if there are any groups or anything out there for moms-to-be (or new moms - advice from those who have been through it is good too!) in Raleigh or surrounding areas?  (I'm in Clayton but happy to drive the 20 min to Raleigh).  I'm 13 weeks, due Feb 1, 2015 and would love to meet some other preggos in the area.  I'm also planning to scope out a pre-natal yoga class somewhere - any suggestions?
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