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How to know when to unswaddle?

Other than when they start rolling over in the swaddle, how do you know when they are ready to unswaddle? My baby is 12wks old and has started fussing off and on through naps, but when I go check on her, most of the time, her eyes are closed. I'm wondering if it's time to unswaddle. She doesn't act irritated when I swaddle her, and actually seems to relax, and she falls asleep with no problem.



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    LO is almost two months old and we haven't swaddled her in three or so weeks. She was never a fan of it to begin with and always got her arms out. She also is so long, even from birth that it was hard to get her legs under control in a swaddle. She always seemed hot too not matter what she was wearing. She sleeps just fine without one.

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  • Usually 4-5 months when the Moro (startle) reflex doesn't plague them anymore.

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  • My son hated being swaddled...only did it for maybe 2 weeks and it was always with his arms out.
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