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what resources do you use?

I'm a teacher looking to get out of the classroom.  I was thinking there may be companies or sites that provide curriculum and resources for homeschooling that may hire teachers.  Can you recommend any?

Re: what resources do you use?

  • I use My Father's World and Saxon curricula right now for most of our work.  I supplement with things I find online on Pinterest and blogs.
  • Rainbow Resource Center is sort of like the Barnes and Noble for all things homeschool. You might be able to get a list of manufacturers from there and then start contacting them! Also, I've seen MANY jobs for writing curriculum on places like craigslist, linkedin, etc. Good luck!


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  • My sister's children go to an online, charter school. They have a teacher who is remote, but they see once or twice a semester. Their teacher has a credential, teaches some courses online, but does not have a regular classroom. Maybe something like this would suit you?
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