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Preschool homeschooling help

I am new to this and I would love some help getting my preschooler started. I am looking for some good hands-on curriculum. I was also wondering how long you spend on teaching and/or what your day looks like with teaching. Thanks for any and all help!!!
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Re: Preschool homeschooling help

  • Well, J. is three. We don't use an official curriculum at this point (and probably won't until he is 5 or 6). We just build learning into our day. 

    So when I bake, he helps me measure. Or we count the stairs we climb at the library. Or we estimate how many toys are in a basket. (That's all math.) We read books. We point out letters we recognize on signs. We retell stories in our own words. (Language)

    As for where I get ideas, I either make things up or the internet from various sites/blogs. I'll try to come back and link some favorites later (I'm not at my normal computer). 
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  • My DD is 4. We use the Letter of the Week curriculum (here's a link if you want: I have however tweaked the curriculum to add and change some things like Spanish and Health but only because she has shown an interest in those things and I don't want to water things down if it isn't necessary. We only have scheduled formal school time for about 3 hrs (or less if she works quickly) for only 4 days a week but every moment can be learning like helping me cook, helping me count change, sort laundry by color, etc. Not sure how old your preschooler is but I suggest finding a good curriculum you agree with, adjust it if you want, and sit down and draft up a nice schedule you feel will fit your family.
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  • barnwife said:
    As for where I get ideas, I either make things up or the internet from various sites/blogs. . 
    This! Pinterest and Google are my 1st pick when researching homeschooling tips, games, printables, etc.
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  • Pinterest has been a tremendous help with planning!  Especially for our littles.
  • We started when dd turned four in January, I started by buying work books from the dollar tree. At three your don't really need a formal curriculum. Just make your own and be play focused. 

    She is doing k4 this year and we are using A beka. 

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    I won't be HSing K-12 (unless DH has a change of heart), but for preschool we're using COAH LOTW.  The curriculum itself is very cheap IMO, but it's so expensive to print (for each letter there are around 50 pages to print, that really uses a lot of ink.  I paid to have the whole thing printed online, I think it ended up being around 2500-3000 pages but I added in other stuff with it.  You don't have to pay for the curriculum, she has almost all of the pages for free download, but then you have to download each on individually, when you consider there's about 50 pages per letter, it's worth it IMO to just pay the $15 and download the whole thing.

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